What is Service Briefing?

During the Service Request submission, an applicant has the option to request a Service Briefing. Do not confuse this with our Case Review packages as this is a different and  complimentary additional step to better assess and provide you with your needs. In order to provide tailor-made matches and adequately consider your needs, we will offer each applicant with our one-page brief on their service request. In addition to being electronically mailed to the applicant, the brief will be submitted to the designated legal service provider. This will save both applicant and the lawyer time in the introductory phases of the case. We strive to identify your needs, facilitate your process, and ultimately save you time on the way!

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How does this step work?

-       Specify your interest in a Service Brief.

-       Our expert team will contact you right away.

-       A one-page brief will be written and sent to the designated legal service providers.

Already know the scope of your case, no problem!

If you already know the scope of your  legal issue, you are free to purchase a service for a fixed cost. You will immediately receive guidance and won’t need to request and review further quotes and offers. You can always ask the legal service provider to review  necessary legal documents and assist in filling out them.

Dear lawyer, How does LegaMart find you new clients?

Once onboard , you will have the ability to identify your allotted time slots, availability schedules, interests, and practice areas. You are not obliged to accept services or requests based on pressure or work obligations. You can select the services you wish to offer and the cases you wish to accept. 

Let’s simplify the steps!

  • Set your work preferences: Time Schedule, Interests, Practice Areas, Jurisdiction, Rates
  • Once an applicant submits their service request, you have the option to view it on our marketplace and send a proposal.  
  • Your proposal should include few factors: Expertise, Delivery Time Frame, Quote
  • The applicant will receive your proposal and decide upon accepting or denying your offer, or requesting an introductory call.
  • If accepted, you will be assigned to the applicant’s case. An electronic contract will be sent and upon payment (depending on your requirements) , the service shall be commenced.
  • Upon each completed payment, LegaMart deducts a 10-20% marketing fee (depending on the service package).

Once the service request is complete, the applicant can give feedback on your profile. Applicants also have the option to refer you to their own network of friends. This is a great opportunity for client expansion and overall credibility.