Benefits & Features

LegaMart allows for direct communication with service providers via an online chat. There is also a video chat feature which enables communication via video, voice, and chat. Other options, per your preference, are on-site consultations and phone consultations. Our goal is to facilitate and modernize communication between applicants and legal service providers without geographical limitations.

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Expansion of network and client diversity: Access to a range of INTERNATIONAL clients! 

  • Income benefit: New legal cases and service requests are in constant demand on our platform therefore legal service providers can work on cases alongside their full-time day job and earn an additional income conveniently from their home. 
  • Establishment of a digital presence: maintaining an online presence has become  truly vital. LegaMart not only provides legal professionals with visibility to clients from all across the globe, but also offers a space to express their legal inputs, reshare their legal and academic articles, or simply display their creative side. 

 Features of Legamart’s platform:

  •   Facilitating exchange of information between applicants and legal service providers. 
  • Confidently send and exchange relevant case documents, contracts, or paperwork via our secure servers.
  • Legal service providers can view and commence work on a client's case without delay.
  • All data is encrypted and based upon the Data Protection Act in accordance with UK to UK law.
  • The calendar function: 
    1. Allows you to schedule appointments with legal service providers, and if necessary, enter deadlines.This helps you to keep an eye on dates and never miss an appointment.
    2. Assists you in arranging suitable appointments by and with your legal service provider. A legal service provider’s schedule is presented which allows you to make an appointment, saving both your and our valued provider’s time!
  • LegaMart is accessible in smartphones and tablets

You will never encounter an issue uploading or scanning documents, as LegaMart provides full and easy access to all these functions and features for all your electronic devices.