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LegaMart is the best way for lawyers to take control of their own careers.


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Increase your reach and scale your career globally; get in the spotlight of clients from all over the world.


LegaMart’s mission is to revolutionize the international legal services sector, using innovation, technology, experience, and professionalism, providing online and offline legal services in a fast, secure, and practical way.

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Join LegaMart’s borderless network of lawyers all around the world; Where you can take advantage of working with a global platform and boost your legal career- all for free!

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Free of Charge

There are no subscription fees, hidden fees, or charges for joining LegaMart. You get to keep all your income except for an 18.5% commision after completing a case.

Your Data is Always Safe With Us

LegaMart is a British company in compliance with the Data Protection Act. LegaMart does not sell your information to any person or organization.

No Obligation to Accept Cases

Legal service providers operate solely based on their own schedules and interests and are never obligated to provide their services without their own consent.

Work-Life Balance

Take advantage of the digital world, diversify your career. Work smart, and you’ll only work when you want to.

Free Marketing Promotions and Digital Presence Boosting

We promote attorneys on our platform in different marketing campaigns with their consent, helping to put you in the spotlight internationally.

Professional Liability

Our professional liabilities are insured by Hiscox. We are a solid intermediary with a recovery and compensation insurance scheme of up to £1,000,000 per incident.

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Meet Our Network of Lawyers

All the lawyers available through our platform are fully qualified, insured, and regulated, and have specialised expertise in dealing with small business legal matters. On average they have 10 years of experience.

Federico Vasoli

Jurisdiction: Italy, Malta, Singapore, Vietnam

Practice areas: Banking and Financial Law, Commercial and Business Law, Tax Law

Years of experience: 14

Price: from £400 per hour

See Profile

Maria Petousi

Jurisdiction: Greece

Practice areas: Corporate and Company Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Shipping and Maritime Law, Commercial and Business Law

Years of experience: 15

Price: from £170 per hour

See Profile

James Watson

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Practice areas: Employment Law, Commercial and Business Law, Banking and Financial Law

Years of experience: 24

Price: from £150 per hour

See Profile

Ngo-Martins Okonmah

Jurisdiction: Nigeria

Practice areas: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Construction Law, Commercial and Business Law, Contract Law

Years of experience: 12

Price: from £200 per hour

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