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Gain access to a borderless community with our transnational legal marketplace. Demonstrate your expertise to a vast pool of clients with a simple click at the convenience of your own home. LegaMart offers its lawyers the advantage to gain a digital footprint, foster a private community to interact with fellow colleagues, and accept new legal cases on a secure and encrypted server.

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Join a trusted community of lawyers across jurisdictions

Set your work preference. This field is customizable to your needs and can range anywhere from your work calendar to your practice areas, jurisdiction, and fees.

View service requests

Scroll through LegaMart™’s marketplace and submit a proposal for the service requests that most fit your interests and practice specialties.

Schedule a short meeting with the applicant

Discuss the case and your offer with the prospective client. This is a great opportunity to get a sense of the workload and its legality.

You will be appointed with the case

Once your proposal has been accepted you will be assigned the case. A contract will be sent and you will be assigned full responsibility over the case.

14-day withdrawal option

You have the option to surrender the case within 14 days if a conflict of interest is made present on the case.

Finalize the request and accept the case

Officially schedule meetings and upload documents securely on our encrypted servers. Once your 14-day period has terminated, payment will be directly made to your account with a 15-20% (depending on the service) marketing fee charge.

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Exhibit Your Knowledge and Expertise

LegaMart™ Community is a multi-dimensional space for engagement and communication between applicants and legal service providers. This is an arena for the exchange of valuable tips and tricks and legal information. Questions are received by both legal professionals and clients in aid making it a great opportunity for securing new cases.

Frequently Questions

  • Are there any fees involved in joining LegaMart?

    LegaMart charges legal service providers a marketing fee of 15-25% (depending on the service package) for all billed legal fees on the platform. If you practice in a country in which the regulatory body does not permit fee-sharing between lawyers and non-lawyers, we require you to provide a LegaMart-exclusive discount on your legal fees, and the applicant will be billed directly for all fees. For further detail, please email

  • How do I know that it is a real case?

    LegaMart reviews the veracity of posted services. A submitted service can be deleted and communication can be discontinued at any time if the stated case is without merits and substantiation.

  • How are service requests assigned?

    When new service requests are posted on LegaMart, we will send a notification based on a legal service provider’s interests, expertise, and availability. We will submit a service notice on the platform with the addition of a text or an email. Details of a stated service will be available for review on LegaMart’s platform. If interested, you can then submit a proposal and quote for the applicant’s review.

  • Do I have to upload my license to practice law?

    We ensure that those seeking legal advice via LegaMart are ensured maximum trust and transparency. Thus, it is necessary that lawyers upload their license of practice for review and verification.

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