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If you are tired of routine legal practice or and would like to experience a change, then LegaMart is for you


Literally be an in-house lawyer. No more working with firms or in offices; be a lawyer from your house.


Whether you are just starting out, or are a veteran lawyer, LegaMart will help boost your practice and global reach by working with clients from all over the world.


LegaMart’s mission is to decentralize access to legal services. We do so by leveraging technology to create an online marketplace where clients can choose from our pool of licensed and pre-vetted lawyers across multiple jurisdictions to attend to their legal needs.

legal challenges

LegaMart Benefits

Access to Private Community of Lawyers

A space to communicate with colleagues and acquire a second opinion on legal matters or cases that fall outside of your jurisdiction.

Expand Your Market

You will gain recognition on a global scale by offering your expertise to an international community.LegaMart is here to take care of your marketing and branding. Forget the hassle of promoting your services on your own- leave it to us.

Share Your Success Story

Lawyers can present one or some of their top or successful cases in their profiles so that they can amaze the clients with their abilities which explains one of the most rewarding parts of being a lawyer!

Post Your Article

We have created a dedicated space for lawyers and legal professionals to publish their ideas and writings in order to connect with others and gain recognition in the legal world. Simply submit us your ideas and we will take care of the rest.

Why Join LegaMart?

Free of Charge

There are no fees associated with joining LegaMart. Unlike other platforms where you have to pay to subscribe, we are absolutely free to join. However, upon completion of a case, you pay LegaMart an 18.5% as the service fee which includes the transaction costs and get to keep the rest.

Guaranteed Data Protection

LegaMart is a British company hence are practices and in compliant with the principles of the British Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).


There is absolutely no obligation to accept cases or clients. Manage your own schedule and choose which client you will like to work with.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

It is trite that, lawyer burnout is a burnout very real within inhouse and law firms globally. With LegaMart, you can take advantage of the technology to diversify your career while working on your own terms. Get to spend time doing other things you love.

Boost in Digital Presence

Occasionally, lawyers on our platform are included in various marketing campaigns Take advantage of LegaMart to freely boost your online presence and appeal to clients from all parts of the world.

Professional Indemnity Liability

We are fully insured by Hiscox. As an intermediary, we have a recovery and compensation insurance scheme of up to £1,000,000 per incident. You are secured with us.

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Get paid

Choose a case, give a proposal, get it done, and get paid. Zero hassle.


Want to know more? Check the Terms and Conditions to get all the details.

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Meet Our Lawyers

All lawyers on our platform are fully qualified and licensed, vetted and insured. Additionally, they have specialised expertise in dealing with a vast array or legal issues across multiple practice areas. The median year of practice for lawyers on our platform is 10 years.

Federico Vasoli

Jurisdiction: Italy, Malta, Singapore, Vietnam

Practice areas: Banking and Financial Law, Commercial and Business Law, Tax Law

Years of experience: 14

Price: from £400 per hour

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Maria Petousi

Jurisdiction: Greece

Practice areas: Corporate and Company Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Shipping and Maritime Law, Commercial and Business Law

Years of experience: 15

Price: from £170 per hour

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James Watson

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Practice areas: Employment Law, Commercial and Business Law, Banking and Financial Law

Years of experience: 24

Price: from £150 per hour

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Ngo-Martins Okonmah

Jurisdiction: Nigeria

Practice areas: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Construction Law, Commercial and Business Law, Contract Law

Years of experience: 12

Price: from £200 per hour

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