Who are the Legal Service Providers?

The biggest advantage of using LegaMart is that our closed-network legal service providers are experienced and competent with in-depth knowledge of the various legal sectors. 

What do we mean by closed-network? The legal service providers on our platform are selectively assessed on a referral system, recommendation, or applications with a  strict vetting procedure. In addition to the endorsement and referral system, Subject to our Terms of Service, LegaMart conducts a background check , credential verification work history screening, and video interviews by our team. LegaMart’s  three circles are the following:

  1. Circle One: The co-founders’ social capital is used to obtain legal service providers for our closed-network platform in three jurisdictions (United Kingdom, Iran, and Canada). 
  2. Circle Two: Upon an incentive plan, legal service providers have the ability to refer colleagues and invite them onboard to LegalMart’s platform. 
  3. Circle Three: Once the providers of “Circle Two”  have been approved by LegaMart, then they  have the option to take an active role in inviting other competent and professional legal service providers in accordance to LegaMart standards. 

Our legal service provider applicants have a background of professionalism, honesty, and reliability. Our credible and trusted providers are ready to handle even the most challenging cases.

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Legal service providers undergo a strict vetting procedure and are invited on our platform by invitation .

 Each provider has a personal profile page in addition to ratings and reviews from past applicants. This offers a transparent and candid background of a provider’s history and background.