Our Story

The world is becoming more globalized with increased movement of people and businesses across borders. The volume of international trade, overseas investment,  migration, & the use of remote work abroad have all witnessed notable recent progress. Moving across borders can come with legal challenges and difficulties unfamiliar to those from foreign jurisdictions. International movement is growing more & more; you can see the growth in business immigration & investment 

  • Foreign direct investment flow from 2010 -2022
  • International trade
  • Global Supply chain
  • International Migrant population

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These people now more than ever feel the requirement for legal counsel or the use of an attorney to handle legal matters like signing a business contract, employment contract, resolving a banking issue, defending a lawsuit, etc.However, these movements often come with legal challenges and difficulties that can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the legal system of foreign jurisdictions. 

  • More than 40% of people around the globe need access to a lawyer, or they have difficulty or hardship in finding a proper lawyer
  • People in all countries experience legal problems, regardless of their socio-economic status & gender
  • Many people’s approach to resolving their legal issues does not involve lawyers & courts at all, with most respondents surveyed preferring to seek help from a family member or friend or to work out the problem directly with the other party
  • More than 1 in 4 respondents (26%) have experienced a stress-related illness & more than 1 in 5 respondents (21%) reported the loss of employment or need to relocate as a result of their legal problem

LegaMart's brand story is one of empowerment and access to justice. Our hero, the client, faces legal challenges in a foreign jurisdiction and is in need of a trusted guide to help them navigate the complex legal landscape. This journey is fraught with obstacles and risks, but with LegaMart by their side, the client can overcome these challenges and achieve their legal goals. This is where LegaMart steps in, as a closed-network legal online marketplace designed to connect clients with lawyers and legal service providers abroad.

The journey begins with the client's realization that they need legal assistance in a foreign jurisdiction. They are unsure where to turn and are hesitant to trust a stranger with such important matters. This is where LegaMart steps in as the mentor and guide, providing a safe and reliable platform to connect with experienced legal professionals.

As the client begins to interact with LegaMart, they embark on a journey of discovery and transformation. They are introduced to a network of legal service providers who have the knowledge and expertise to guide them through the legal process. The Case Initialization process ensures that the client is matched with the right legal professional who can best meet their needs.

As the case progresses, LegaMart provides support and guidance, ensuring that the client is informed and aware of all developments. The Case Progress and Case Monitoring features allow the client to stay up to date with their legal case in real-time.

Through LegaMart's Case Automation, clients can rest assured that their case is being handled efficiently and effectively. The platform streamlines the legal process, ensuring that the client's case is given the attention it deserves.

Finally, with Case Fulfillment, the client achieves their legal goals, whether it's obtaining a work visa, negotiating a business contract, or resolving a legal dispute. They have successfully navigated the complex legal landscape with the help of LegaMart.

In conclusion, LegaMart's brand story is one of empowerment and access to justice. Our platform connects clients with experienced legal service providers, ensuring that they have the support they need to achieve their legal goals in a foreign jurisdiction. We are the trusted guide that empowers clients to overcome legal obstacles and transform their lives.

LegaMart's journey is the heart of legal matters: navigating foreign jurisdictions, overcoming cultural differences, and ultimately achieving successful legal outcomes for clients.