How do our services work?

 You don’t need to be worried about delegating your legal matters. We will match the best legal service provider to your case upon your request. Your time is precious, save it!

 There is a 48 hour cancellation period with your initial consultation for non-urgent cases, in case you change your mind. We grant you the opportunity to experience our ethics. Transparency builds trust!

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 After submitting your request, we connect you to three legal service providers and you have the freedom to select an individual or firm through their prepared proposals. We provide a professional and fair array of services. – that is our specialty!

 We make sure that all information on our platform remains confidential, secure, and encrypted. Your privacy is our concern!

Get advice in any jurisdiction!

Partner firms don't carry the same relationship that many legal teams enjoy with trusted counsels, and to find  and vet this counsel yourself is time-consuming.

 For our applicants, we have exceeded the traditional online processes by offering legal services catered to each individual need. For legal service professionals, we know how pain-staking it is to trust a skilled professional outside of your jurisdiction or country.

LegaMart allows you to  easily source and compare quotes from our curated closed-network of specialized legal professionals worldwide. All that needs to be done is:

  • Describe your legal case and requirements anonymously—free of charge and with no commitment
  • Request a free Service Briefing (optional) where one of our expert team members will contact you to more adequately match you with a legal service provider. 
  • Choose your preferred provider and make direct contact with them on the platform.
  • LegaMart takes care of the rest!

Applicants submit detailed requests for their legal needs on our platform or directly to LegaMart’s business development team. 

We work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements. LegaMart then allocates the best suited legal service providers to the client. Upon completion, proposals are submitted to the applicant for review in which direct engagement with the provider(s) of choice can be made through the platform’s messaging system. 

Applicants also have the option to request an introductory call from the provider. The Applicant can then request to hire the legal service provider on their account. Upon assignment, the applicant-legal service provider relationship is direct and confidential. LegaMart is involved solely for billing and payment and in case an issue unfolds against our code of ethics and conduct.