LegaMart Core Competency

LegaMart’s core competencies abide by the principles of satisfying the user throughout the entire journey. We have analyzed our customer journey and have assessed what a LegaMart customer wants. LegaMart  offers competitive and comparative costs, access to competent legal service providers, and quick and easy services. Facilitating each and every process for users  with careful study of competitor platforms and assessing  requirements of users are our entire philosophy.  narrowing down their needs, we have provided solutions. LegaMart’s assets are numerous, the core being: the ability to provide access in foreign jurisdictions, provide a network effect (such as LinkedIn) across the globe, and a personalized  tailor-made service for users. Our focus is on providing a customized journey alongside an exquisite customer care for the user to not only experience the luxury of our platform but also to believe in our stated promises. LegaMart strives to gain trust in order to be differentiated from competitors and aims to implement that with its transparency, customer service, hotlines, guarantee and trial periods. Our competitor services are limited in terms of jurisdiction and customized service packages and we have taken the lead in this expansion. This innovation in the legal-tech sector is one of our personal and financial goals in order to establish a widespread network of professional, competent, fair, and trustworthy legal service providers in an array of jurisdictions across the globe.

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The LegaMart platform pairs specific legal solutions with specific legal problems through the usage of algorithms and is carefully user-experiences design based. As an innovative business, we truly make it easier for applicants to access affordable and qualitative legal services in any foreign jurisdiction with just a few clicks away, and for legal service providers to access new clients globally. 

Legamart is not a referral site or job board. We do not charge legal service and provide a fee to join our network or submit proposals through the platform. Our providers are selected through a recommendation system and undergo a strict vetting procedure. Once onboard, each service provider will have a profile with an endorsement section (for legal service providers) and review section (for applicants) in order for an accurate assessment and selection. LegaMart provides a complete and clear overview of service providers’ work history, strengths and weaknesses, schedules, and feedback to foster trust and transparency.  We provide liability insurance and customer guarantee. LegaMart even offers a trial period between the legal service provider and applicant, with an enforced refund policy for the first initial two weeks in case an issue or conflict of interest arises.

It’s fair!

  • Legal service providers are never obliged to provide service without their own consent, and operate solely on their own schedule and interests. It is also a professional platform for providers to be acknowledged by colleagues and applicants worldwide.
  • Applicants  have the advantage of selecting a legal service provider based on their own individual requirements and with the guidance of LegaMart’s recommendation system.

It’s global!

  • Legal service providers gain the benefit of expanding their line of work and offering services worldwide!
  • Applicants have the advantage of selecting professional legal service providers without having to move out of their comfort zone.

It’s trustworthy!

  • All legal service providers are carefully screened and vetted and operate on the basis of an endorsement, reviewal, and recommendation system.
  • There will always be a trial period with every service (in case something goes wrong) and it is only upon completion that fees are processed to the legal service provider’s account.

It’s transparent!

  • Billing transactions are fully available for a detailed viewing at all times on each user’s platform portal. No hidden costs or charges!
  • There is direct communication between a legal service provider and an applicant, and there will never be imposed privacy concerns, miscommunications, or misinformation. LegaMart works as it states!