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legamart-area-of-practice">LegaMart Area of Practice

A Practical Guide to our Service Areas

LegaMart offers a full range of services ranging from corporate law to criminal, business , and dispute resolution through its platform. Our intent is to facilitate a smooth ride in all legal journeys and provide the best and most effective solutions. LegaMart’s closed-network legal service professionals all share our values and abide by our code of ethics. You can be sure that our network consists of experienced professionals who can be confidently trusted with cases. 

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  criminal-law">  Criminal Law

 Criminal Law is more complicated and diverse than the average man thinks. An act or omission might be considered as a crime or violation in one jurisdiction and be recognized as lawful in another. Criminal Law can be divided into three main types such as ‘crimes against person’, ‘crimes against property’, and ‘crimes against society’. This can range as far as addressing the ethics and obligations of medical practices. In general, two elements compose Criminal Law, crime and punishment. It is our duty to prevent you from any false accusations and convictions. 

Our legal service providers assist in this field:

  • They  analyze your case on its legal elements such as  criminal act (actus reus) or criminal intent (mens rea).
  • Dedicated legal service providers will correctly identify your case by referring to its relevant criminal codes or acts and inform you of its classified category
  • You can trust that our legal service providers will do adequate research in discovering any loopholes to your crime or offense
  • They will attempt at providing any relevant evidence and proof to free you from your conviction

Picture This: You realize that a person has gained access to your bank account’s log-in information and  has made numerous fraudulent transactions. Your bank account was opened and based in France but you are residing in Oman. You have contacted your bank account, but unfortunately they require further information. You do not know how to take action. Our legal service providers are here to assist in defining your case and providing you with quick solutions.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: https://thelawdictionary.org/criminal-law-skeletal-2/

contract-law ">Contract Law 

Contract law constitutes a diverse and multi-dimensional world. It is best said that contracts are created based upon the mutual agreement of the parties or, “meeting of the minds”. Contracts constitute a big chunk of any individual's life, whether it is signing a lease, commencing a new job position, or purchasing an online subscription. It is necessary for any expert in this field to be able to adequately draft a binding contract, prevent future breaches, and provide suitable remedies. Contract drafting can be the birth of success or the beginning of problems, so it is best to consult a professional. There are a plethora of contract types, amongst which are agency, sales, distribution, and consumer contracts.

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Considering all possible scenarios of your contract to prevent further disputes or breaches
  • Handling contract modification
  • Composing relevant and suitable remedies for your contract
  • Assisting in drafting suitable legal terms to meet applicant’s demands Handcrafting professional and thoughtful contracts in accordance to your needs
  • Aiding in the formation and termination of a contract
  • Correctly assessing and evaluating the nature differences of contracts 

Picture This: You’re an Asian businessman who has been working with an SME in the Middle East. You want to draft a new contract and modify your previous one in a way that is beneficial for both you, as a party, and your distributor in the Middle East.  You would like exclusivity on the product in a certain market. Our legal service providers will be able to provide accurate information on where distribution is legal and if there are any opposing limitations. Our expert advisors and lawyers will be able to draft a substantial contract, free of worries! 

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: https://thelawdictionary.org/contract-law/

finance-and-investment-law">Finance and Investment Law

Finance and Investment Law is the branch of law that deals with helping individuals find investment opportunities, financing options, or investment lawyers in a specified jurisdiction. Investment law also consists of assessing a host state’s laws and restrictions in terms of investment. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Portfolio Investment are amongst the main types of investment.  Key in investment law is to obtain and gain accurate knowledge of the Fair and Equitable Treatment  (FET)  and Investment Protection standards. It is also necessary to understand how one can obtain capital funds and project finances. 

Our legal service providers assist in this field:

  • Assess potential market risks to an investment and provide feasibility reports
  • Assist in the establishment of subsidiaries 
  • Share an in depth knowledge of the different laws and regulations of investment and financing options of jurisdictions
  • Aid in disputes and provide resolutions between the host state and the investor

Picture This: You are a foreigner looking to establish a project in a jurisdiction other than your own. You are looking for a legal professional who can assess your situation, brief you on your investment protection procedures, and provide accurate information on the regulations. You may need to know about the different available finance options. Our legal service providers offer in-depth guidance to your concerns and  provide the most suitable solutions.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


Immigration has become a modern dilemma and is relevant to many individual's legal problems. Immigration Law can be categorized as Family Immigration, Business Immigration, Asylum and Deportation. The immigration laws of each jurisdiction differ, and thus it is vital to receive advice from someone in your targeted jurisdiction. In fact, consulting with a non-expert will not only waste your time but damage your wallet!

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Being with you from the very beginning to the end of your immigration application process
  • Informing you on the different types of visas and requirements
  • Preventing issues in visa obtainments
  • Having a full comprehension of immigrant and non-immigrant rights in the jurisdictions 
  • Protecting your rights in maintaining residency status 

Picture This:  You are a Moroccan student residing in Canada on a student visa. It is your final semester in university and you are looking for options to obtain a residency status or work permit. You can trust our legal service providers in granting you safety and peace of mind. (legal service providers.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


 Banking Law

This area of law is all about banking procedures, claims, and disputes. The most important element here is the borrower and lender rights and contractual relationships, as well as litigation  between domestic and foreign providers. More specifically, regulatory compliance is monitored and assessed. A proficient and experienced lawyer will have the ability to enforce relevant laws towards banks or financial institutes. 

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Being fully proficient in bank regulations, from deposits to complicated transactions
  • Arranging loans and draft terms to your needs and develop innovative solutions
  • Informing and advising on money-laundering regulations, misuse of banks and concerns regarding cheques
  • Representing a borrower (individual, SME, business) or a lender (individual, corporation, bank) on a case

Picture This: You have been late on your payments for your loan in a U.S. bank. Your balance has been sent over to a collection’s agency. You are in a tough financial situation and are under massive stress and burden and cannot pay the remaining balance. You seek a legal professional to solve your case. Our legal service providers will accurately assess your scenario, contact the financial institute on your behalf, and reach a settlement. 

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


business-law ">Business Law 

The most important aspect of business law is knowing the right stages of running a successful business. It’s the little things that count, and one small mistake could land you a costly and timely lawsuit. Trying to prevent competition or unfair practice, our network can guide you on antitrust. Legal professionals in this practice area can also assist in providing  advice on credit protection or debt recovery after a harsh business scenario. It must be kept in mind that although commercial and business law share overlaps, they are not the same thing, business law focuses strictly on ‘all things business’!

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Ensuring a fair work environment by preventing and prohibiting unethical practices
  • Identifying antitrust before it can present itself as a conflict
  • Assisting in joint ventures
  • Briefing on export and import regulations
  • Minimizing your tax burden
  • Consolidating and managing business debts
  • Providing guidance on jurisdiction compliance
  • Guiding you on international trade law solutions

Picture This: You are a Nigerian who has migrated to the U.K and has established a business. You have hired a few employees along with a manager to monitor the daily activities and appoint additional hires. You have been away from the U.K for some time and realized that your most recent shipments have not been delivered. This was due to recently imposed export restrictions that you were not previously informed about. Yet, as the business owner, a lawsuit has been opened against you. You are unaware of the situation as you were not in the U.K. Our dedicated legal service providers will represent you in court and prevent damage towards your reputation and workplace. 

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


corporate-law">Corporate Law

Corporate Law is key to corporate establishment. This area of practice ranges from incorporation to equity and bankruptcy. A corporation can be developed in accordance with the jurisdiction it is established in. It is unlikely for a legal professional from another jurisdiction to be able to provide information on the ins and outs of a foreign legal system. It is always best to consult with a trusted native expert to prevent initial damage to a corporation. 

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

 Picture This: You will be establishing a corporation in Turkey and need to know the board of directors’ and shareholders’ responsibilities and authorities. You also need a clear and coherent AOA to be drafted. Be confident that our legal service provider will skillfully assist in all your needs and demands, letting you know what documents are needed and what the procedure is like. 

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


construction-law">Construction Law

Construction law pertains to construction and its related subcategories. This area of practice covers construction budgeting, FIDIC contracts, and maintaining a clear and mutually beneficial agreement between the constructor and his or her contractor and subcontract employees. A legal professional will be able to prevent disputes and mistakes in your construction procedures and costs. 

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Solving any issues during your construction process and all the way to its execution
  • Issuing claims in regards to project interruptions and delays
  • Assisting in tendering procedures and disputes
  • Aiding in issues such as time extensions and compensations

Picture This:  You are a construction developer residing in Qatar commencing a new project in Spain at the same time. You need a reliable and transparent lawyer not only  to manage the relationships between the engineers and contract and subcontract workers but also to be able to handle a legal issue that occurs during the construction process.  legal service providers will represent you , as you, in all and every step of your construction. 

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


real-estate">Real Estate

Leasing, buying, or selling a property is always a joyful moment, but this is only joyful when completed alongside a trustworthy and proficient legal professional. If your contract or documents are incomplete and inadequate you encounter the risk of losing a portion of your benefits. Real Estate Law includes the sale, purchase, and lease of property, natural resources and crops of lands. In this area, any economic related aspects will also be put under scrutiny, such as mortgage loans and market risk analysis. Each jurisdiction corresponds with its own unique legal codes, which makes it extra important to consult with a real-estate lawyer that is an expert in the jurisdiction of your favor.

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Accurately structuring and negotiating real estate transactions
  • Having valuable experience in property claim settlements
  • Assisting in land usage in compliance to environmental laws 
  • Providing a scope on tenancy law
  • Drafting title insurance documents
  • Negotiating goodwill

Picture This: You own a property in Germany but you reside in Kuwait. You want to sell your property but it is currently  rented out.  The leasing contract has been terminated and you have provided your tenant a notice, but he has failed to vacate the apartment. You do not know what to do and need to  think of a solution as soon as possible. As you do not reside in Germany, you require a trustworthy lawyer to take over your case.  Our legal service providers can assess your case, provide the most suitable solution, negotiate on your behalf, and handle all relevant transactions.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


 intellectual-property-law"> Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IP) can be as general and elementary as a thought or word to an intermediary matter such as trademarkpatentcopyright and trade secrets. The focus of this law is to provide exclusivity for the creator on his or her innovation. IP builds to enrich the creative dimensions of your thought. Whether it be  a slogan you’ve created or a secret recipe, these all require to be secured and protected! One should keep in mind that the scope, aspects, and duration period of IP differ in jurisdictions.

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Reviewing and submitting a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Consulting on whether the creation or invention is novel and informing on procedures
  • Assessing whether the idea or creation is patentable, can be trademarked, or copyrighted
  • Registering and submitting trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • Handling patent fee distribution 

Picture ThisYou are a blog owner and have created a unique phrase for your personal branding. You’ve been using this all throughout your blogging history and it has become a part of your blog identity. You need to seek legal assistance in order to gain a copyright for your unique phrase. Yet, you also come across a newly formed page that has used a similar slogan to yours and you need to assert your rights on this issue as well. This will secure your brand and identity and will prevent others from using your innovation. Consult with our legal service providers for further guidance. 

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary:


Oil, Gas and Energy Law

Natural resources are crucial for any state and those in its related practice. There are strict laws that monitor who is able to produce, extract, and distribute products such as oil, gas, and other natural energies. There are set requirements on the conditions of extraction and the quality of the delivered product. The quest to find these valuable products such as crude oil, petroleum, natural gas and associated hydrocarbons, also need to abide by certain codes. Natural resources  are strongly enforced by law in all jurisdictions. 

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements on upstream and downstream sectors
  • Creating a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) agreement 
  • Resolving disputes with regards to land usage and management
  • Defining resource ownership 

Picture This: You are in charge of an oil reserve in Saudi Arabia and not only need to be informed about the various distribution laws and regulations in order to prevent violations but also to gain the necessary permits to export the products overseas. As a complex matter, it needs to be handled with the utmost care. Our experienced legal service providers can make this a smooth and easy journey with assisting you in all the necessary procedures.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


Tort law

Tort law is something we deal with on a day to day basis. Contrary to average belief, this practice area is different from criminal law and is not classified as a crime or contractual liability. In fact, this area is so controversial and complex that it requires a specialized legal professional with knowledge of the domestic laws of a particular jurisdiction to assist. In general, there are three main categories within this legal field: negligenceintentional torts, and strict liability.

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Restating your rights. They will hold the offender accountable and provide the victim with aid.
  • Reviewing and identifying if a case is considered as tort in your jurisdiction
  • Assisting in personal injury cases
  • Fully committing to asserting justice and granting the victim with a compensation
  • Accompanying you in  legal and emotional journey of your case

Picture This: You have taken your father’s car, registered in the state of California, and have driven all the way to Massachusetts. You’ve had an accident and the other driver is suffering from physical injury. Since the car was registered under your father’s name in California you are not sure if the laws in California are the same as in Massachusetts. You are also unaware of the person who has to take liability for these charges. In such a scenario, you need to consult with a legal professional in your accident’s jurisdiction to receive assistance catered to that specific jurisdiction. Contact our service legal providers to evaluate and represent your case.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: 


family-law">Family Law

Although family is one of the smallest social units of society, a wide array of cases are defined in this category. In general, matrimonial, financial, and child-related matters are the main categories of family law.  Although family laws were put in place to protect family members anywhere, it needs to be considered that there isn’t a unified approach or conceptual agreement on these laws for all jurisdictions. It is best to keep in mind that due to the laws of various jurisdictions, one regulation or scenario may not be applicable to another, for instance, polygamy, alimony, and legal marriagable age.

Our legal service providers assist in this field by...

  • Reviewing your cases, providing consultations, assisting in reaching an agreement, and representing you in court
  • Recognizing a conflict of laws instantly to save you time 
  • Being trustworthy and taking necessary steps as required

Picture This: You are an Iranian who has married an Australian in Sydney. You are now seeking a divorce and do not know the procedure. You do not know if you should file for divorce in Iran or Australia. You are also unaware if you will be receiving a share of your spouse’s property or wealth, in accordance with Australian law, or receive mahr in accordance with the Islamic Law in Iran. This is a matter of conflict of laws. Contact our reliable and knowledgeable legal service providers for further assistance.

For further information please refer to the online Legal Dictionary: https://thelawdictionary.org/family-law-2/