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Brazil national flag with a poster on Director Liabilities under brazil law

Director Liabilities under Brazil Laws

Brazilian company law recognises separate legal entities, which legally separate the company from its directors, resulting in extensive director liabilities. ...

An international client taking Legamart's Quick Meeting feature

Getting International Legal Advice has Never Been This Easy — Starting at just $49 with LegaMart Quick Meeting Feature

LegaMart's quick meeting feature is highly rated by clients due to its ability to schedule legal consultations according to country, ...

A poster with data and Italian flag showing Foreign Direct Investment in Italy

Foreign Direct Investment in Italy

Foreign direct investment in Italy increased by 4.3 billion in Aug 2022. The Italian economy is 8th by GDP and ...

A happily married couple after signing the Marriage Agreement in Indonesia

Implementation of Marriage Agreement Made by Mixed-Marriage Couples in Indonesia

The constitutional court in Indonesia ruled that marriage agreement ratified by marriage registrar can be submitted at the time, before ...

A poster on quick guide to Gambling Laws in Qatar

Quick Guide to Gambling Laws in Qatar

Qatar does not have specific gambling laws regulating it, as gambling is illegal. As per section 275 QPC, gambling is ...

Brazil's Foreign Trade Policy

What is Brazil’s Foreign Trade Policy?

Brazil's Foreign Trade Policy emphasizes strengthening regional ties and has signed various WTO agreements on trade in services, technical barriers ...

Sue a United States citizen as a foreigner

How to Sue a United States Citizen as a Foreigner?

Globalization is resulting in an increase in global litigation. The law allows you to enforce a judgement and sue a ...

A picture of the globe and a law book on how to work abroad as an Indian lawyer

How Can I Work Abroad as an Indian Lawyer?

Thinking of switching to work abroad as an Indian lawyer? Practising law abroad has incredibly professional, personal, and financial benefits.