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Legal Influencers in the Middle East

6 Mins read
There are changes in the legal practice areas around the globe. In most countries, the legal practice is connected with current issues, from business law to white-collar crime. In the Middle East, some legal minds…

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General Topics

Legal Community Platforms for Lawyers

2 Mins read
Social networking services (SNS) are used to establish relations between individuals of similar interests, occupations, or backgrounds. Legal Community In the U.S alone, about 80% of Americans have SNS accounts, yet a distinct and well-functioning community for lawyers is lacking.
General Topics

Save Time, Save Money: Online Lawyers

3 Mins read
Can you trust a lawyer online? Sometimes it’s not only about the habitual need of a physical meeting but there are many other factors involved in the trust process of working with someone virtually. let’s take a look at some of the main difficulties people attribute to hiring lawyers online.
Contract LawCoronavirus Insights

Valid Execution of Contracts: Electonic Signature

3 Mins read
Health and wellness considerations following the outbreak of coronavirus disease have led to a significant shift in the day to day operation of small and large businesses and the manner they used to conduct their…
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