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intellectual property

Intellectual Property: Perfect Eye-Opening Introduction (2021)

Intellectual property (IP) rights are the result of a contract between the owner of the rights and the state

employment law of Iran

Iran Employment Contract: Everything You Should Know

An employment contract can lead to a lot of disputes between the parties. This information is vital for both employees ...


NFT law and the future of the crypto market – The Rise and Rise of NFTs

The Rise & Rise of NFTs Whilst NFT's have been around for over a year or two, they have become trendy ...

How to invest in Iran illustration

How to Invest in Iran 2021 – Exciting Changes in Iranian Investment Framework

The Iranian government has launched some schemes for foreign investment attraction. How to invest in Iran using these new schemes ...

Investment opportunities in Iran are on the rise

4 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Iran

The government of Iran tends to offer privileges to companies who create job opportunities and transfer technology and are active ...

setting up a company in Iran

Setting up a company in Iran

There are different types of companies following the amending bill to the Commercial Code when establishing a company in Iran

Close up young girls playing

The 7 Decisive Factors for a Child Arrangement Order, and the Harsh effects of the Pandemic

A Child Arrangement Order is a legally enforceable agreement usually between parents and a child, or guardian(s) and a child, ...

legamart- technology in the legal industry in 2021

What to Expect from the Legal Industry in 2021- the Exciting Future of the Legal Industry

All industries are undergoing a digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, and legal consumers manage their work digitally ...