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The True Cost of Trademarking a Name in Italy

The True Cost of Trademarking a Name in Italy

Cost of Trademarking a Name in Italy Contrary to popular belief, registering a trademark in Italy is not expensive. I ...

Trademark Business Name in the UK, Why?

Trademark Business Name in the UK; Reasons and Benefits

Business Name as a Trademark A business name is simply a company’s officially registered name, whereas trademarking a name means a ...

What is Intellectual property law in the UAE

What Exactly Is Intellectual Property Law in the UAE?

Intellectual Property Law Definition The UAE has an effective IP system and is a signatory to a range of transnational treaties ...

How to Protect Your IP in Brazil

IP in Brazil: How to Successfully Protect Yours

IP in Brazil Intellectual property comprising patents, trademarks, geographical indications, and industrial designs. The name of the agency which is ...

Register a Trademark in Italy; Benefits and Procedures

Trademark Registration in Italy; Remarkable Benefits

Trademark Registration in Italy Some of the generic words we use every day are trademarks. Take "YOLO" for example. It ...

The Most Weird Facts about Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap: Top Weird Facts About

Gender Pay Gap Definition Women's labor force involvement has increased dramatically since the second half of the twentieth century. Women ...

Gender diversity on boards of directors

Gender Diversity on Boards of Directors

Gender Diversity Shareholders, policymakers, and authorities all want to see more gender diversity on corporate boards. They all are well ...

How Does Italy Protect Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property: Protection in Italy?

Intellectual Property in Italy Italy protects the intellectual property (IP) of both its citizens and foreigners. The question, "How does ...