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A employor discussing Remote jobs and insurance issues

Remote Jobs and Insurance Issues: Are you Obliged for your Remote Employees Insurance?

Table of ContentsIntroduction Insurance Implications of Remote WorkingRemote Jobs and Insurance Issues: Are you obliged for your remote employees insurance?Things to ...

A person reading about Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

Sue someone abroad: Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 

Introduction Since the rise of globalization, nations have become more connected than you can imagine. Aside from industrialization, the legal field ...

A women evaluating the Essential clauses for remote contracts

Hiring Remote Employees: Essential Clauses for Remote Contracts

Table of ContentsIntroductionHistory of Remote WorkWho is a Remote Employee?What are Remote Work Contracts?What are the Essential Clauses for Remote ...

Two international traders negotiate over the International traders and discount requests

International Traders and Discount Requests: Techniques to Manage the Discount Requests

Table of ContentsIntroductionInternational Traders and Discount RequestsRole of Traders and Their Techniques to Manage the Discount RequestsTips to Perform your ...

A girl touching a virtual screen during a court proceeding, amazed by Legal Technology

Legal Technology: Do technologies initiate change, or do they address it?

Table of ContentsIntroductionLegal Technology: Definition and ImportanceBenefits of Technology in Law firmEasy and quick researchProper management of resourcesFewer Errors Time ManagementIncrease ...

Two legamart lawyers shaking hands after helping a client on International Sales of Good Contracts

Tips on Choice of Applicable law of International Sales of Goods contracts

Table of ContentsIntroductionInternational Sales of Goods Contracts and Choice of Applicable ContractsConventions Related to International Sales of Good ContractsApplicability of ...

A student learning about data privacy and privacy law

Privacy Law and Data Privacy: Essential guide on Data Security

Table of ContentsWhere do Privacy laws Originate? Issues Leading to Create This ConceptWhat are the Issues Related to Privacy?What are ...

A women attending a meeting in remote employment set-up

Remote Employment: Regulatory and Employment Law in the US and UK

Table of ContentsIntroductionChecklist of Factors Affecting Remote Employment in the US and UKWorker LocaleEmployee's Location within the USEmployee's Location within ...