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Two lawyer discussing on a Contract Addendum

Contract Addendum

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhat is a contract addendum?Types of addendumsExample of when to use a contract addendumWhat's included in a contract ...

An employee checking his Vesting Stock on his phone

Vesting Stock: How it Works?

Vesting stock is a form of employee compensation often used as a substitute for a cash bonus and rewards in ...

A lawyer finalizing the Lease vs Rent for a house owner

Lease vs Rent: Understanding the Differences & Similarities

Lease vs Rent! This query pops up in the minds of every property owner. Leasing & renting are two distinct ...

A robot working as artificial lawyers

Artificial Lawyers: A Myth or Reality of Our Future?

The transformation ranges from when lawyers were to do every legal task to using software for legal services to today's ...

A computer screen with a compliance Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy: Everything You Need to Know

A cookie policy is a legal document that explains to visitors how cookies are used on a website, their purpose, ...

Two people discussing about Investment Contract

Investment Contract: A Must-Read Guide!

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhat is an investment contract?Types of investorsBenefits of investment contractsTypes of investment contractsKey terms in an investment contractReturn ...

Two contractors working on Design-Build Contract

Everything You Need to Know About Design-Build Contract

Design-Build Contract is a type of construction contract in which a single entity, the design-build contractor, is responsible for both ...

Two lawyers providing consultation to International Entrepreneurs on operating abroad

How can International Entrepreneurs take advantage of Online Legal Platforms?

International entrepreneurs may face a wide range of legal issues depending on the specific situation in which they are operating.