T&C for Clients

Terms & Conditions for Clients

We appreciate you using our service at https://LegaMart.com/ (the "Site "). LegaMart is an online platform that aims to establish direct contact between Legal Service Providers and applicants by finding and hiring lawyers in foreign jurisdictions.

Please carefully read the following Terms as it governs the relationship between LegaMart, as the operator of the platform, and you as the applicant.

Please note that the enlisted Terms are solely for LegaMart Applicants. If you are a solicitor, barrister, trademark lawyer or any other type of legal advisor and wish to discuss working with us, please contact us at support@legamart.com

Term Definitions

Service Provider is anyone who registers as a lawyer (licencedawyer, attorney, paralegal, notary, in-house lawyer, law firm, legal expert), with LegaMart to establish contacts with Applicants.

Applicants are individuals, in-house lawyers, firm lawyers, freelance lawyers, private business owners, and international expats who register onto the platform to use its legal services. Registration and platform usage require applicants to be 18 years of age or over or according to the legal age in the applicant's jurisdiction.

Fees mean the costs and charges to be paid for a Service Provider's service regularly.

In this agreement, "we", "us", "our", and other similar references define LegaMart and "you", "your" define you as a specific Applicant.
1.  Registration

Registration is accessible as an Applicant. With the submission of an accurately completed registration form, an Applicant agreement with these terms is concluded. You agree to provide LegaMart with accurate and complete information if you choose to register and create an account. It is your responsibility to make any necessary and updated changes to the information on your LegaMart account.

 2. Service Process

 LegaMart acts only as a service for the online platform provision and does not provide any substantive legal services whatsoever. The legal consultation from the home page, is only an instant communication with a paralegal to determine your ways forward which never create any sort of lawyer/client privilege and devised to ease any further communication between the client and service providers. Services are not provided by LegaMart and are solely conducted by Legal Service Providers.. On the platform, the applicant can describe his or her facts and details (Applicant request) and independently decide upon the legal advice he or she prefers to accept. LegaMart team will assess the client’s request and help them to make their mind and also find the best talent or solution that matches their needs. Such details may include personal information and other confidential details about a potential case which could be highly confidential. In providing these details, you authorise LegaMart to share the details with LegaMart's Legal Service Providers to identify the best fit according to the unique algorithm of LegaMart.

 Registered lawyers can submit their quote and also their feedback to any application that is handed to them. LegaMart strives to find a suitable  Legal Service Provider in accordance with your requirements, and we may even make an effort to connect you with law firms as an alternative. Yet, LegaMart does not guarantee any proposal acceptance on behalf of any Legal Service Provider. Upon acceptance of an offer, a contractual relationship is directly concluded between the applicant and the Service Provider.

There is an optional Service Briefing' selection in which the applicant can request for their case to be discussed in detail through chat, call, or email. This option is free of charge and will require more in-depth information and facts relevant to the service request for LegaMart to provide a customised and best-fit match. 

LegaMart may convert the client’s request to a public community. Public community is a unique space designed to answer the questions our clients have. You authorise LegaMart to publish your question in the community by their description through submitting your case. After publishing your question, you would have the opportunity to keep your name or make your question an anonymous one.

You authorise LegaMart to save a copy of the case records and also community posts in their database for a period of 10 years to improve procedures and enhance the level of service. This information will be kept confidential, and you will not be able to erase it from our database even after deleting your account. After deletion of your account, you cannot change any of your data which were stored in the platform.

3.  Fees and Payment

 After accepting a service offer, the applicant shall pay the fee required by the Legal Service Provider via bank transfer, credit card, or debit card in British Pounds (£). Upon payment, your contact details will be released to the respective Legal  Service Provider.

LegaMart ensures, with full liability, in the cases that the service should be delivered in time such as long term representing, that submitted fees will be frozen, and no transaction will be processed in the initial two weeks. If the Legal Service Provider refuses the agreed service explicitly or impliedly, you will be reimbursed for the pre-paid fee. This only applicable policy  is on the presumption that you have requested a refund within the two weeks and only in a case the cause of a dispute or conflict within the specified and stated period. 

 This policy does not apply to specific situations, services, or contracts that require an immediate action or delivery before the two week time unless otherwise agreed upon between the Applicant and Legal Service Provider. It is the applicant's sole responsibility to comply with these notices and policies.

Payments are made in the following manner regarding the service packages: Advocacy charged on a fixed or hourly basis, Advisory and Consultation charged on an hourly basis, and Case Review is charged as per page. 

4. Rights and obligations


 You are required to provide complete and accurate information, and you must not initiate quote requests for any illegal or unlawful case.

 You agree not to use LegaMart in any unlawful manner and in particular shall not:

a. Request for a quote or review for any information that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, intellectual property rights, or proprietary rights of any person or that is in breach of any legal obligation owed to any other party;

b. Submit any corrupted files, virus-infected files, or any other item that may damage the operations of a computer or an electronic device;

c. Cause the LegaMart Platform to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient, or such that the effectiveness or functionality of the LegaMart Platform is in any way impaired;

Moreover, Applicants agree not to copy, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, distribute, or publicly display any LegaMart content without prior written approval.

 LegaMart obligations

LegaMart is entitled to immediately exclude registered Applicants from participating in the platform or terminating their participation if the applicant violates essential platform obligations.

LegaMart is entitled to block access to individual content or delete content if reasonable suspicion of misuse or usage violates the terms and conditions that arise.

LegaMart is liable for intentional or grossly negligent duty based on its insurance agreement. Slight negligence occurs only in the case of essential contractual breach obligations endangering the contract's purpose.

LegaMart is entitled to update these terms time by time. New terms would be communicated with applicants through releasing them online. 

 5.  Warranty and liability

LegaMart is a platform that lists the Service Providers by their discretion and hence expressly not liable for advice errors or missed deadlines of the Legal Service Providers on LegaMart. LegaMart is not a party to the legal advisory contract and does not direct or make any assurance or representation of the Legal Service Providers.

LegaMart will not be a party to any accord that aims to award the work to a Legal Service Provider inside the platform. Therefore, it does not warrant the accuracy, quality, or completeness of any information or assistance obtained from the Legal Service Provider.

Whilst precautions are taken to detect computer viruses and ensure security. We cannot guarantee that our platform is entirely secure and virus-free. LegaMart shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of any virus or breach of security. Due to the nature of the Internet and its involved technology, we take no responsibility. We will not be liable for the site's temporary unavailability due to technical issues or ones beyond our control. 

 If a dispute arises with a Legal Service Provider, you release us from any claims, demands, and damages of any kind arising out or in any way connected to such disputes by using the LegaMart Platform.

 6. Confidentiality

Confidential information refers to all information, written or oral, in any medium related to the business, products, financial and management affairs, customers, employees or authorised agents, plans, proposals, strategies, or trade secrets disclosed by the Applicant to LegaMart.

We are committed to keeping your information secure and in accordance with the UK's Data Protection Act (under the applicable laws of England). We take all reasonable steps to ensure that our employees will not use, copy, or disclose any Confidential Information, except on occasion to exercise rights or carry out obligations under this agreement. LegaMart ensures that your information will not be disclosed to government institutions or authorities except if required by law or upon request by regulatory bodies or law enforcement organisations.

 The Applicant understands and acknowledges that in the case of the release, re circulation, and reuse of any of the LegaMart confidential material and content will be immediately stated and informed to our team by email at: [email protected]

7. Unlawful Activity

As a platform usage condition, you assure LegaMart that you will not use this platform for any unlawful or prohibited purpose by these provided terms, conditions, and notices. We will take any action deemed appropriate, including, without limitation, the reporting of any suspected unlawful activity to law enforcement officials or relevant third parties and disclosing any information necessary or appropriate to such individuals relating to user profiles, email, or IP addresses. If you encounter any prohibited content, material, or potential violations on the platform or the services, you are required to report the content or violation to [email protected] immediately.

 8.  Termination

Both the Applicant and LegaMart are entitled to terminate the agreement at any time. Upon termination, the applicant is obliged to save his or her LegaMart stored data, particularly the results of any legal services, provided that the service was provided via the platform's online law firm. In the event of termination, you are no longer authorised to access or use the Platform and/or its Services. However LegaMart can store all information in the platform for training and improvement purposes.

 9.   Miscellaneous

 Changes to this agreement

LegaMart, subject to technical, legal or business considerations, reserves the right to improve, alter or modify these terms and conditions at any time. The applicant will be informed of any changes by email two weeks before its effect. In this email, you will receive the new terms and conditions, and you are entitled to keep your account and continue working with us with these new terms or delete your account and stop working with us.

Consent to Electronic Communications

LegaMart will generally communicate with Applicants by electronic means, such as email. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we electronically provide satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

 The Terms constitute the entire agreement as to your usage and our provision of LegaMart and supersede and extinguish all previous communications, representations (other than fraudulent misrepresentations), and arrangements, whether written or oral.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Clause

This contract and any conduct of the parties within the platform is governed by English Law and by accepting these terms you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Primarily, any dispute between the parties shall be settled by mediation and/or  arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 where the seat of the arbitration isin London-UK. Any form of interpretation of this contract should be in accordance with the English Law.