T&C for Advocacy Service

    Terms & Conditions for Advocacy Service
    By definition, LegaMart’s platform is a global one and our applicants have the right to access experienced, credible, and trustworthy litigators across different jurisdictions. LegaMart’s legal service providers will represent your needs in the best possible manner in various areas of law.  Based upon your preferences and requirements, you will be connected to suitable lawyers that will assist your case in courts or during the determination in any of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR).You can be confident that your legal service provider will be present and representing you with the utmost care. Our legal professionals will also take care of  case filing, memorandums, and court litigation. Our lawyers share a deep knowledge of their practice area, and can efficiently and effectively assess risk and identify winning arguments. There is no doubt that our lawyers are in line with your objectives and desired outcomes and will make sure that all is done in achieving the best results. Advocacy costs are dependent upon the legal service provider, ranging from hourly to a fixed-cost per case. 

    The Terms & Conditions of the advocacy service are mostly the same as The Terms & Conditions of the Advisory Service. The only difference is in the payment term;


    The advocacy fees will be calculated case by case based on negotiations between the lawyer and the service seeker. 

    Based on the nature of this service, it might be mentioned in some advocacy contracts that the payments are not fixed since things may happen during the procedure.

    The payment procedure would be the same; meaning, LegaMart will deduct the 18.5% Service Fees and transfer the rest of it to the lawyer’s mentioned bank account.