Codes of Conduct

Here is the LegaMart’s Terms & Conditions:

Codes of Conduct:

We are pleased to welcome you to our network of lawyers. LegaMart is a multi-jurisdiction platform that provides access to competent, professional, and credible legal Service Providers, mainly in the other jurisdictions rather than yours. We have provided a solution for cultural differences and language limitations and have presented a secure platform for members alongside set codes of conduct. The following codes are as follows:

Lawyers must adhere to specific conduct standards for clients to confidently rely on every network lawyer's shared attributes. The Code of Conduct needs to be read and carefully followed. The lawyer's Code of Conduct, this Agreement, and the policies incorporated herein constitute the parties' entire agreement. Kindly provide us with a notice of any discrepancies between domestic regulations of a distinct jurisdiction and this document. This is a considerable contribution and will allow us to be informed of subsequent related changes.

Our lawyers must maintain above an 80% approval rating from all clients they connect through our platform. Similarly, LegaMart implements an internal quality control process to assess the level of service. Failure to meet the requirements below will hinder a good standing in our network and result in a profile probationary inactivity period or a complete account termination.

Our lawyers shall protect clients' interests following LegaMart and IBA's shared values for the legal profession. IBA's (International Bar Association) principles are as follows,

  1. Independence;
  2. Honesty, integrity and fairness; 
  3. Conflicts of interest; 
  4. Confidentiality/professional secrecy; 
  5. Clients' interest;
  6. Lawyers' undertaking;
  7. Clients' freedom;
  8. Property of clients and third parties; 
  9. Competence; and 
  10. Fees.

LegaMart directly correlates with the enlisted guidelines as our brand values are centred around competency, professionalism, universality, transparency, fairness. It is our goal to provide the utmost degree of legal accuracy and compliance