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Lawyers' Codes of Conduct: 

We are pleased to welcome you to our network of lawyers. 

LegaMart is a multi-jurisdiction platform that provides access to competent, professional, and credible legal Service Providers, mainly in the other jurisdictions rather than yours. We have provided a solution for cultural differences and language limitations and have presented a secure platform for members alongside set codes of conduct. The following codes are as follows: Lawyers must adhere to specific conduct standards for clients to confidently rely on every network lawyer's shared attributes. The Code of Conduct needs to be read and carefully followed. 

The lawyer's Code of Conduct, this Agreement, and the policies incorporated herein constitute the parties' entire agreement. Kindly provide us with a notice of any discrepancies between domestic regulations of a distinct jurisdiction and this document. This is a considerable contribution and will allow us to be informed of subsequent related changes. Our lawyers must maintain above an 80% approval rating from all clients they connect through our platform. Similarly, LegaMart implements an internal quality control process to assess the level of service. 

Failure to meet the requirements below will hinder a good standing in our network and result in a profile probationary inactivity period or a complete account termination. Our lawyers shall protect clients' interests following LegaMart and IBA's shared values for the legal profession. IBA's (International Bar Association) principles are as follows, 1) Independence; 2) Honesty, integrity and fairness; 3) Conflicts of interest; 4) Confidentiality/professional secrecy; 5) Clients' interest; 6) Lawyers' undertaking; 7) Clients' freedom; 8) Property of clients and third parties; 9) Competence; and 10) Fees. LegaMart directly correlates with the enlisted guidelines as our brand values are centred around competency, professionalism, universality, transparency, fairness. It is our goal to provide the utmost degree of legal accuracy and compliance. Lawyers’ General Terms & Conditions: Bar Admissions and Disciplinary Proceedings It is your sole duty to provide your client and LegaMart with the necessary information. If practised in an area outside of your legal profession, it is viewed as a legal infringement without admission to that jurisdiction's national bar. 

You are obliged to immediately alert us of any changes to any bar or court admissions status, maintain good standing with all bar associations and courts, and immediately report any disciplinary action initiated against you or any member of your firm. LegaMart reserves the right to request authorisation from the respective Bar Association and report any violations to the Bar Association. 

Following the IBA International Code of ethics, a lawyer who undertakes professional work in a jurisdiction where he is not a full member shall adhere to professional ethics standards in the jurisdiction he has been admitted to. Availability We only send clients when it is desired. You must have an updated profile to reflect your status of 'available' or 'unavailable' for new cases and clients. We require you to really be online and available during the time you already have set. To preclude further approaches from clients, we might de-active your account, if we realised you cannot answer clients’ requests or LegaMart follow up emails. Conflict Check Lawyers shall not take a position in which a client's interest conflicts with those of his own, a lawyer in the same firm, another client—unless otherwise permitted by law, applicable rules of professional conduct, or if permitted, by a client's authorisation. 

Lawyers shall never represent a conflict of interest in litigation. In non-litigation consultancy services, lawyers can represent a case only after having disclosed all or possible conflicts of interest to the concerned parties. This is also only made possible with the parties' consent under the IBA International Code of Ethics and the International Principles on Conduct for the Legal Profession. Notwithstanding such checks and lawyers’ acceptance of cases, circumstances may arise that prevent the lawyers from acting for the client in an existing ongoing or future matter. In these situations, IBA’s principals regulating conflicts of interest apply, and lawyers may terminate the Agreement for other ethical reasons. Response Time for Consultation Requests The turnaround period for accepting and declining service requests would be determined by 

LegaMart client support team and is up to 48 hours, depending on the service and urgency of the matter. Your Rate and Flat Fees (or other alternative fee structures) On LegaMart's network, you are required to present LegaMart with your contractual terms and payment structure. To maintain the competitive system of LegaMart, you cannot increase the fee you have tendered unless there is a piece of transparent false information from the client's side that will affect the work. Your rate (standard hourly rate offered through the platform) and all flat fees or alternative fee structures must reflect no less than a 25% discount off your regular 'rack rate' at all times. A rack rate is a rate that is offered to new clients without applied discounts. LegaMart charges a Service Charge from the client's payment. 

You cannot negotiate on an initial cost less than the LegaMart Service Charge (mainly 18.5% depending on the service package). Accepting Client Cases After initial communication with a client and a probably a 10-30 minute free consultation through LegaMart's platform, we ask that you either: a) accept the project through the site and allocate an appropriate fee b) inform us if there is a need for additional client information; or c) decline the case and indicate your justification. The time-frame requirements outlined in "Consultation Requests" also apply above. Upon a consultation acceptance, a binding legal agreement is concluded, obliging the lawyer to provide the client's requested services. 

Client Response Requests The most common complaint that clients have about their lawyers is their lack of communication. We are proud to have built a network of lawyers that consider client responsiveness as a high priority. We ask all our lawyers to respond to client requests, in various means, at the earliest possible convenience. Inquiries from us Any inquiry from us concerning the items listed above must be provided with a response within the next 48 hours. Referring a Client Back to the Network In case of any conflict or issue during an initial consultation with an applicant, you must refer the applicant back onto the LegaMart network for an appropriate alternative to be matched. Profile You are solely responsible for any misstatement and misrepresentation published on your profile, including but not limited to the timeliness and accuracy of the information. 

We recommend a regular profile update for clients to have the benefit of acquiring a more accurate grasp of you and your practice. Work on Cases The principle of lawyers' responsibilities under the IBA principles on legal profession conduct states that you honour any undertaking given in the course of your practice promptly and until the duty is performed, released, or excused. 

Lawyer-Client Privilege and Privacy all communications occurring through our website are covered by LegaMart’s privacy policy following the UK's Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and any subsequent applicable regulation.Being DPA-compliant, it is the duty of the Legal Service Provider to be updated with any new segments to this regulation. LegaMart tries its best to provide the latest news in regards to such policies. Confidentiality Our lawyers shall preserve the client-lawyer privilege relationship requirements including confidentiality of any acquired information from a client or while rendering legal assistance, particularly during representation or defence . A lawyer must consciously and individually determine which client needs to be preserved as a secret. 

Any disclosure obligations which may be imposed on our lawyers by law such as the money laundering legislation or applicable rules of professional conduct; Regulatory requirements such as audit provisions under the Lawyers Accounts Rules in the individual lawyer’s jurisdiction; Quality audits undertaken by independent inspectors; Documents and information relevant to any claim or potential claim being supplied to our lawyers’ professional indemnity insurers in the event of them having to inform their insurers of any notifiable circumstances under the terms of their policy; and. LegaMart lawyers shall at all times maintain and offer confidentiality protection in regards to the affairs of current or former clients unless otherwise allowed or required by law and/or applicable rules of professional conduct. The obligation of client-lawyer confidentiality shall be applied to other lawyers and employees who work in the same law office. Moreover, in common with many law firms, our Legal Service Providers are entitled to engage other companies or people to provide certain support functions and to provide secretarial, paralegal, administrative services on clients’ cases when necessary. Our lawyers may also refer Clients’ files to counsel, an expert or a cost draftsman for specialist advice. Our lawyers will always seek a confidentiality agreement with these outsourced providers. If the client does not want their file to be outsourced, they should mention it to the lawyer as soon as possible. LegaMart’s lawyers undertake to comply with all applicable data protection laws, including the UK's Data Protection Act 2018 regarding personal data retrieval. Ownership of any and each activity of Lawyers in the platform, including answering the community public posts, are the property of LegaMart. However Lawyers can delete their accounts, they cannot delete their activities and any information generated during the period they were a memeber of the platform including their perosnal data. LegaMart will store all activities in their database for training and improving purposes. Notification of Policy Change We will notify you promptly of any policy changes. Your continued participation in LegaMart's network will be deemed acceptable for such changes.] Terms & Conditions for Clients [Service-Seekers/Applicants]: Preamble We appreciate you using our service at https://LegaMart.com/ (the "Site "). LegaMart is an online platform that aims to establish direct contact between Legal Service Providers and applicants by finding and hiring lawyers in foreign jurisdictions. Please carefully read the following Terms as it governs the relationship between LegaMart, as the operator of the platform, and you as the applicant. Please note that the enlisted Terms are solely for LegaMart Applicants. If you are a solicitor, barrister, trademark lawyer or any other type of legal advisor and wish to discuss working with us, please contact us at [email protected]. Term Definitions Service Provider is anyone who registers as a lawyer (licencedawyer, attorney, paralegal, notary, in-house lawyer, law firm, legal expert), with LegaMart to establish contacts with Applicants. Applicants are individuals, in-house lawyers, firm lawyers, freelance lawyers, private business owners, and international expats who register onto the platform to use its legal services. Registration and platform usage require applicants to be 18 years of age or over or according to the legal age in the applicant's jurisdiction. Fees mean the costs and charges to be paid for a Service Provider's service regularly. In this agreement, "we", "us", "our", and other similar references define LegaMart and "you", "your" define you as a specific Applicant. 1. Registration Registration is accessible as an Applicant. With the submission of an accurately completed registration form, an Applicant agreement with these terms is concluded. You agree to provide LegaMart with accurate and complete information if you choose to register and create an account. It is your responsibility to make any necessary and updated changes to the information on your LegaMart account. 2. Service Process 2.1. LegaMart acts only as a service for the online platform provision and does not provide any substantive legal services whatsoever. The legal consultation from the home page, is only an instant communication with a paralegal to determine your ways forward which never create any sort of lawyer/client privilege and devised to ease any further communication between the client and service providers. Services are not provided by LegaMart and are solely conducted by Legal Service Providers.. On the platform, the applicant can describe his or her facts and details (Applicant request) and independently decide upon the legal advice he or she prefers to accept. LegaMart team will assess the client’s request and help them to make their mind and also find the best talent or solution that matches their needs. Such details may include personal information and other confidential details about a potential case which could be highly confidential. In providing these details, you authorise LegaMart to share the details with LegaMart's Legal Service Providers to identify the best fit according to the unique algorithm of LegaMart. 2.2. Registered lawyers can submit their quote and also their feedback to any application that is handed to them. LegaMart strives to find a suitable Legal Service Provider in accordance with your requirements, and we may even make an effort to connect you with law firms as an alternative. Yet, LegaMart does not guarantee any proposal acceptance on behalf of any Legal Service Provider. Upon acceptance of an offer, a contractual relationship is directly concluded between the applicant and the Service Provider. 2.3 There is an optional Service Briefing' selection in which the applicant can request for their case to be discussed in detail through chat, call, or email. This option is free of charge and will require more in-depth information and facts relevant to the service request for LegaMart to provide a customised and best-fit match. 2.4 LegaMart may convert the client’s request to a public community. Public community is a unique space designed to answer the questions our clients have. You authorise LegaMart to publish your question in the community by their description through submitting your case. After publishing your question, you would have the opportunity to keep your name or make your question an anonymous one. 2.5 "You authorise LegaMart to save a copy of the case records and also community posts in their database for a period of 10 years to improve procedures and enhance the level of service. This information will be kept confidential, and you will not be able to erase it from our database even after deleting your account. After deletion of your account, you cannot change any of your data which were stored in the platform. 3. Fees and Payment 3.1. After accepting a service offer, the applicant shall pay the fee required by the Legal Service Provider via bank transfer, credit card, or debit card in British Pounds (£). Upon payment, your contact details will be released to the respective Legal Service Provider. 3.2. LegaMart ensures, with full liability, in the cases that the service should be delivered in time such as long term representing, that submitted fees will be frozen, and no transaction will be processed in the initial two weeks. If the Legal Service Provider refuses the agreed service explicitly or impliedly, you will be reimbursed for the pre-paid fee. This only applicable policy is on the presumption that you have requested a refund within the two weeks and only in a case the cause of a dispute or conflict within the specified and stated period. This policy does not apply to specific situations, services, or contracts that require an immediate action or delivery before the two week time unless otherwise agreed upon between the Applicant and Legal Service Provider. It is the applicant's sole responsibility to comply with these notices and policies. 3.3. Payments are made in the following manner regarding the service packages: Advocacy charged on a fixed or hourly basis, Advisory and Consultation charged on an hourly basis, and Case Review is charged as per page. 4. Rights and obligations 4.1. Applicants 4.1.1. You are required to provide complete and accurate information, and you must not initiate quote requests for any illegal or unlawful case. 4.1.2. You agree not to use LegaMart in any unlawful manner and in particular shall not: a. Request for a quote or review for any information that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, intellectual property rights, or proprietary rights of any person or that is in breach of any legal obligation owed to any other party; b. Submit any corrupted files, virus-infected files, or any other item that may damage the operations of a computer or an electronic device; c. Cause the LegaMart Platform to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient, or such that the effectiveness or functionality of the LegaMart Platform is in any way impaired; Moreover, Applicants agree not to copy, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, distribute, or publicly display any LegaMart content without prior written approval. 4.2. LegaMart 4.2.1. LegaMart is entitled to immediately exclude registered Applicants from participating in the platform or terminating their participation if the applicant violates essential platform obligations. 4.2.2. LegaMart is entitled to block access to individual content or delete content if reasonable suspicion of misuse or usage violates the terms and conditions that arise. 4.2.3. LegaMart is liable for intentional or grossly negligent duty based on its insurance agreement. Slight negligence occurs only in the case of essential contractual breach obligations endangering the contract's purpose. 4.2.4 LegaMart is entitled to update these terms time by time. New terms would be communicated with applicants through releasing them online. 5. Warranty and liability 5.1. LegaMart is a platform that lists the Service Providers by their discretion and hence expressly not liable for advice errors or missed deadlines of the Legal Service Providers on LegaMart. LegaMart is not a party to the legal advisory contract and does not direct or make any assurance or representation of the Legal Service Providers. LegaMart will not be a party to any accord that aims to award the work to a Legal Service Provider inside the platform. Therefore, it does not warrant the accuracy, quality, or completeness of any information or assistance obtained from the Legal Service Provider. 5.2. Whilst precautions are taken to detect computer viruses and ensure security. We cannot guarantee that our platform is entirely secure and virus-free. LegaMart shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of any virus or breach of security. Due to the nature of the Internet and its involved technology, we take no responsibility. We will not be liable for the site's temporary unavailability due to technical issues or ones beyond our control. 5.3. If a dispute arises with a Legal Service Provider, you release us from any claims, demands, and damages of any kind arising out or in any way connected to such disputes by using the LegaMart Platform. 6. Confidentiality Confidential information refers to all information, written or oral, in any medium related to the business, products, financial and management affairs, customers, employees or authorised agents, plans, proposals, strategies, or trade secrets disclosed by the Applicant to LegaMart. 6.1. We are committed to keeping your information secure and in accordance with the UK's Data Protection Act (under the applicable laws of England). We take all reasonable steps to ensure that our employees will not use, copy, or disclose any Confidential Information, except on occasion to exercise rights or carry out obligations under this agreement. LegaMart ensures that your information will not be disclosed to government institutions or authorities except if required by law or upon request by regulatory bodies or law enforcement organisations. 6.2. The Applicant understands and acknowledges that in the case of the release, recirculation, and reuse of any of the LegaMart confidential material and content will be immediately stated and informed to our team by email at: [email protected] 7. Unlawful Activity As a platform usage condition, you assure LegaMart that you will not use this platform for any unlawful or prohibited purpose by these provided terms, conditions, and notices. We will take any action deemed appropriate, including, without limitation, the reporting of any suspected unlawful activity to law enforcement officials or relevant third parties and disclosing any information necessary or appropriate to such individuals relating to user profiles, email, or IP addresses. If you encounter any prohibited content, material, or potential violations on the platform or the services, you are required to report the content or violation to [email protected] immediately. 8. Termination Both the Applicant and LegaMart are entitled to terminate the agreement at any time. Upon termination, the applicant is obliged to save his or her LegaMart stored data, particularly the results of any legal services, provided that the service was provided via the platform's online law firm. In the event of termination, you are no longer authorised to access or use the Platform and/or its Services. However LegaMart can store all information in the platform for training and improvement purposes. 9. Miscellaneous 9.1. Changes to this agreement LegaMart, subject to technical, legal or business considerations, reserves the right to improve, alter or modify these terms and conditions at any time. The applicant will be informed of any changes by email two weeks before its effect. In this email, you will receive the new terms and conditions, and you are entitled to keep your account and continue working with us with these new terms or delete your account and stop working with us. 9.2. Consent to Electronic Communications LegaMart will generally communicate with Applicants by electronic means, such as email. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we electronically provide satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. The Terms constitute the entire agreement as to your usage and our provision of LegaMart and supersede and extinguish all previous communications, representations (other than fraudulent misrepresentations), and arrangements, whether written or oral. 9.3. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Clause This contract and any conduct of the parties within the platform is governed by English Law and by accepting these terms you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Primarily, any dispute between the parties shall be settled by mediation and/or arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 where the seat of the arbitration isin London-UK. Any form of interpretation of this contract should be in accordance with the English Law. Terms & Conditions for Legal Service Providers: Introduction[Preamble]: This contract contains the following terms and conditions; a) Legal Market Solutions Ltd, (as the owner of 'LegaMart', we) b) Lawyer (hereinafter is called 'Service Provider' or, you') c) LegaMart Platform (hereinafter is referred to as 'Site') This contract is to address the conduct of each party concerning the probable 'Applicant/s.' This T&C incorporates our Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct, as amended from time to time. By clicking to accept or agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you are bound and abide by it, including all policies. 1. Services As part of the services, LegaMart may provide each applicant with a list of Service Providers that are suitable and relevant to the Applicant's requested legal services ("Legal Services"). The Service Provider acknowledges and agrees that granting access to the 'Services' on the LegaMart platform may be subject to the Service Provider's background check, including a consumer report. As a result of this, the Service Provider acknowledges and agrees to provide credential and consumer reports authorisation. 2. Service Provider Responsibilities 2.1. Profile and Information Requested by LegaMart. The Service Provider is responsible for accurately and truthfully updating and completing (i) their practice and skills, (ii) their preferences regarding legal service requests (iii) their time availability. The Service Provider agrees to cooperate with LegaMart in their verification process by providing any requested reasonable documents and information. The Service Provider is liable to report any changes or updates to their status immediately and stated personal information. The Service Provider hereby grants the right to LegaMart to occasionally make minor edits to the Service Provider's profile, including, but not limited to, grammatical, formatting, spelling and punctuation corrections to maintain profile optimisation by the site's requirement conformity. The Service Provider grants the right of their articles, opinions, video, and interview to be published on the LegaMart Weblog. The Service Provider agrees to abide by the blog regulations and maintain its code of ethics during all types of entry submissions. 2.2 Service Provider Code of Conduct and Professional Responsibilities 2.2.1 Service Provider, where it is applicable, shall adhere to the Code of Conduct . Professional responsibilities of all LegaMart's requirements, including, but not limited to, being a person with good professional characteristics, which could be, but not limited to, being a competent active member of the bar and in good standing in all jurisdictions in which the Service Provider is admitted to practice law. The Service Provider shall comply with all laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to the practice of law for the relevant jurisdiction(s). 2.2.2 The Service Provider shall remain solely responsible for the Legal Services (including, but not limited to, related conflicts checks) provided by the Service Provider or any of its employees, delegates, or other representatives. The Service Provider acknowledges that LegaMart is not responsible for the Legal Services provided to any Applicant. Service Provider shall not have any business, professional, personal, or other interest, including, but not limited to, the representation of other clients that would conflict in any manner or degree with the performance of its obligations under the IBA guidelines on conduct for the legal profession. In terms of conflict of interest, we implement the IBA Guidelines on Conflict of Interests as individual tests per our criteria. If any such actual or potential conflict of interest arises under this contract, the Service Provider must immediately inform LegaMart (in accordance with the Code of Conduct. 2.2.3. The Service Provider shall: (i) maintain the confidentiality of Applicant Information; and (ii) will only use Applicant information as permitted in this contract and consistent with the applicable laws and legal rules of ethics. 2.2.4 Law firms under these terms are a sort of service providers, and they are responsible for their lawyers who act as Service Providers via LegaMart. If the law firm accepts to work with LegaMart, the law firm will act as the Legal Service Provider. Therefore, the followings would be considered as its responsibilities: Introducing the lawyers and creating their lawyer profiles Get sure their information is accurate and checking whether their bar licences are valid regularly Misrepresentation All LegaMart’s responsibilities regarding the individual Legal Service Providers, here, will be applicable to the law firm. LegaMart is not responsible for the lawyers’ misrepresentation. Here, the law firm would be responsible for its lawyers’ behaviour. Payments After deducting the Service Charges, LegaMart will reveal the payments to the law firm. The law firm would be in charge of dealing with its lawyers. 3. Applicant Relations 3.1 The Service Provider shall promptly reply to any inquiry by any Applicant on the site, or inform LegaMart immediately if the Service Provider (A) cannot do so, or (B) is not interested in representing such Applicant for such inquiry, in each case, in compliance with the time-frames set forth in the Service Provider Code of Conduct. 3.3 The Service Provider shall promptly notify LegaMart if an Applicant contacts the Service Provider for any Legal Services out of the platform. In each such case, the Service Provider provides Legal Services through the site. The Service Provider shall neither (1) interfere with the applicant obtaining Legal Services through the site nor (2) circumvent the billing of services outside of the framework of the LegaMart Site. 4 Assessments and Reviews The Service Provider hereby consents to (i) any scrutiny undertaken by LegaMart (or its agents) of any Applicant complaints, (ii) any assessment made by LegaMart of the Service Provider's ongoing qualifications (including credentials and bar license) and (iii) any collection of, and publication on Service Provider's profile of, reviews of Service Provider's services completed by Applicants (collectively, "Assessments"). 5 Payments 5.1. Summary of Billing and Payment Process 5.1.1. All payments from Applicants to Service Providers to shall be paid through the LegaMart platform. Advocacy costs would be on a fixed or hourly basis, Advisory and Consultation charged on an hourly rate, and Case Review set on a per page basis. 5.1.2. The Service Provider shall use the site to bill all Applicants for Legal Services provided by them to Applicants through invoices. The Service Provider may submit descriptions of the Legal Services in the stated bill. LegaMart, by default, offers a trial period between the Service Provider and Applicant, with an enforced refund policy for the first initial two weeks (depending on the package) for any reason, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. In such a case, it is the Service Provider's sole duty to notify LegaMart that the parties' agreement has altered the default position. LegaMart will not pay the received amount to the Service Provider until the two week time elapses unless otherwise agreed by the Service Provider and the Applicant. 5.1.3. The Service Provider canbill Applicants through the site on a minimum monthly basis. Unless otherwise agreed (between the Service Provider, LegaMart, and the Applicant), the Service Provider must submit the hours for such Legal Services through the site by 11:59 pm UK TIME on the 7th day of the month for the period beginning from the first day to the last day of the previous month (e.g. by no later than 11:59 pm UK TIME on January 7, the Service Provider must submit all hours from the period December 1 at 12:00 am until December 31 at 11:59 pm). Service Providers are unable to increase or state personal fees or issue Service Fees. 5.1.4. The Service Provider may bill Applicants for an up-front retainer fee deposit (in some jurisdictions like England called Client Account). The Service Provider is solely responsible for ensuring that retainer fee deposits are directed to the appropriate bank account following the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct. 5.1.5. The Service Provider must maintain an active bank account information for the Service Provider's or Service Provider's law firm's operations on the site (the "Bank Account"). 5.1.6. LegaMart deducts the service charge (18.5%) from the first payment. In other forms of payment, like monthly bills, LegaMart deducts from every paid amount accordingly. If the Legal Service Provider practices in a country in which the regulatory body does not permit fee-sharing between lawyers and non-lawyers, we require them to provide a LegaMart-exclusive discount on their legal fees, and the applicant will be billed directly for all fees. All billing transactions can be viewed on our platform portal with 100% transparency. 5.1.7. If you practice in a country in which the regulatory body does not permit fee-sharing between lawyers and non-lawyers (like Nigeria), we ask you to provide a LegaMart-exclusive discount on your legal fees, and the applicant will be billed directly for all fees. 5.2. Service Provider Fee Arrangements 5.2.1. The Service Provider shall enter rates on the Platform in British Pound (£) as follows: (A) on the Service Provider's LegaMart profile page, they shall enter a general hourly rate to be displayed to potential clients to indicate the Service Provider's likely rate range (the "Standard Rate"), (B) Upon a submission of a proposal for service, The Service Provider shall enter a rate specific to the Service Provider's understanding of the requested service (a "Proposal Rate"), and (C) when opening service, the Service Provider shall enter the agreed rate with the client for such service (a "Service Rate"). 5.2.2. All fee arrangements towards applicants shall include any credit card or other processing fees charged by LegaMart's third-party payment processor ("Processing Fees") that may be associated with payment receipt from Applicants or rendering payment to the Service Provider. 5.2.3. All payments are handled by LegaMart’s online platform. After the parties agree on the extent of services, fees, and deadlines, and an electronic contract is signed, payment will be made in accordance with the contract. LegaMart receives payment and forwards the service provider their funds after collecting an 18.5% service fee (depending on the service package). 5.2.4. It is the Service Provider's sole responsibility to ensure that their bank account information is correct, valid, and operative. Upon the applicant's payment, LegaMart will deduct its marketing/subscription fee and deposit the remaining amount to the Service Provider's account. Any arrangement fees such as, but not limited to, processing or exchange fees is payable by the Service Provider's bank account. 6. Confidentiality The parties agree that the files maintained by LegaMart, this contract, all correspondences, documents, computer software, marketing, and any other materials are strictly confidential business information. 6.1. Without limiting the preceding, the Service Provider shall safeguard the confidentiality of the terms and conditions with the same degree of care, but no less than reasonable care, that the Service Provider uses to protect their confidential information. The foregoing obligations shall not apply to the extent that such an applicable portion of the Terms and Conditions is already or becomes publicly known through no wrongful act of the Service Provider. The Service Provider shall not furnish or disclose to any person or entity any confidential information without LegaMart's prior written consent. The Service Provider may disclose the Terms and Conditions to the extent necessary to provide Legal Services to Applicants, comply with an order of a court or governmental administrative body of competent jurisdiction, or as otherwise required by law. 6.2. LegaMart's Obligations LegaMart shall not disclose the Service Provider's specific fee arrangements or bills ("Service Provider Confidential Information") without the Service Provider's prior consent. However, except LegaMart may: disclose as required by law; or disclose to prospective Applicants during the Matching Process. Disclose Service Provider's bills to an Applicant for a related service for which an Applicant has retained such Service Provider. Aggregate and anonymise data rates for reporting and analytical purposes, provided that in such case, LegaMart will not individually identify any Service Provider in such reporting or analytics. As per the limitation period, both parties (the Legal Service Provider and the Applicant) have agreed that LegaMart will retain all corresponding text, messages, and other relevant data for at least one year from the initial date in which the Service Provider and Applicant enter into a contract, following the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act. 7. Representations and Warranties 7.1 General the Legal Service Provider agrees that (i) it has full power and freedom to enter into this contract and perform its obligations (ii) the execution and delivery of this contract will not result in breaches of any terms and conditions or constitute a default under any other agreement to which such party is bound by, and (iii) the individual executing this contract (electronically or by written signature) is authorised to execute this contract on such party's behalf. 7.2. Service Provider The Service Provider further represents and warrants that he or she complies with all obligations (to LegaMart), including, but not limited to, all responsibilities and duties outlined in Section 2, and shall perform the same professional, diligent , and professional manner. 7.3. Misrepresentation We, as LegaMart, take no responsibility for any misrepresentation conducted by any of Service Providers. It is the Service Provider's sole responsibility to abide and follow the Misrepresentation Act 1967. In case of any conflict with the following Act, LegaMart reserves its right to hold the Service Provider accountable for any loss or damage incurred as a result. 8. Disclaimer of Warranties The Service Provider acknowledges and agrees that LegaMart is not responsible for (89.1) the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, or completeness of any information or data provided by Applicants through the Site or the Services ("Applicant Information"), (8.2) the results that may be obtained from the use of the Site or the Services, (8.3) the provision of Service Provider's Legal Services, or (8.4) the cancelling or rescheduling of any appointment by any Applicant. The site and services are provided "as it is" and without any type of warranty. LegaMart, on behalf of itself and its suppliers and licensors, hereby disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, oral or written, including without limitation, all implied warranties of title, non-infringement, accuracy, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose and all warranties arising from any course of dealing or performance or usage of trade. LegaMart does not represent that the site or services will be uninterrupted or error-free. The Service Provider shall have no authority to bind LegaMart by any acts, omissions, statements, promises, or representations unless specifically authorised to do so in writing. 9. Limitation of Liability Except for indemnity, breach of confidentiality and breach of warranty obligations, neither party (nor its suppliers or licensors) shall be liable or obligated to the other party under any negligence, contract, tort, strict liability, or other legal or equitable theory for (a) indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary (b) loss of data, use, profits, or legal services; or (c) costs of procurement of substitute goods, services, rights, or technology. LegaMart shall not be liable to the Service Provider for an Applicant's breach of obligation. The Service Provider shall take reasonable and legally binding measures to clarify and even enshrine contractual terms to make LegaMart out of their private contractual relationship with the Applicant. LegaMart is not liable nor responsible for any error in legal advice, misconduct, missed deadlines by the Service Provider and non-payment by the Applicant as LegaMart is not a party to any contract between the Service Provider and Applicant. 10. Intellectual Property 10.1 LegaMart Ownership LegaMart has all proprietary rights, title, and interest, including, without limitation, all patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade secrets embodied in the Services or the Site, and to any inventions, data, information, know-how, logos, technology, software and documentation related to the Services or the Site. 10.2. Trademarks; Publicity The Service Provider shall not use any name, trade name, trademark, or service mark of LegaMart (each a 'Mark') in any promotion, advertising, or other similar materials or any publicity or news releases without the prior written approval of LegaMart. Any such use of a 'Mark' will be subject to LegaMart's quality control guidelines and trademark usage policies provided to the Service Provider from time to time. LegaMart reserves the right to terminate the Service Provider's right to use any 'Mark' immediately upon the issuance of written notice. 10.3. License to Service Provider Information The Service Provider grants LegaMart all rights and licenses to use and exploit the Service Provider's name, nickname, pseudonym, initials, biography, likeness, trademarks, image or facsimile image, profile, and other provided information by the Service Provider ("Profile Materials"), subject to Section 5 (Confidentiality), on and in connection with the Site and Services. LegaMart will not use the Service Provider's name or likeness in marketing materials without the Service Provider's prior consent. 11. Termination 11.1. Either party may unilaterally terminate this contract at any time for any reason or no reason whatsoever upon providing thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other party. LegaMart will conduct a review process to ensure that the Service Provider remains of a high quality. Failure to maintain consistently, high-quality results may result in termination by LegaMart. 11.2. Option to Terminate LegaMart is entitled to terminate the contract if the Service Provider’s star rating drops below 80% satisfactory level. In such a case, all the previous agreements and obligations would still be valid. 12. Miscellaneous 12.1. Nothing contained in this contract, including any compensation paid or payable, is intended or shall be construed: (i) to require, influence or otherwise induce or solicit a party or any of its affiliates regarding referrals of business; or (ii) to interfere with an Applicant's right to choose his or her Service Provider, or with the Service Provider's judgment regarding the provision of Legal Services. 12.2. Assignment Neither party may assign this contract, and/or any of its rights and obligations hereunder, without the prior written consent of the other party, except that LegaMart may assign this contract without consent to an affiliate or to a successor to all or substantially all of LegaMart's assets or business to which this contract relates. Any purported assignment made in violation of this section shall be null and void. This contract is binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and permitted assignments. 12.3. Notices 12.3.1 Any notices required or permitted under this contract shall be given in writing and confined to email. The Service Provider is solely responsible for finding, acting, and responding to the email as LegaMart is not responsible for any failed delivery, junk classification of the mail, or an invalid email address of the Service Provider. The Service Provider's sole duty and responsibility are to ensure that their email account is fully operative, responding, and in an accurate status. 12.3.2 The time of delivery is when the email is sent. 12.4. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution The law of England and Wales governs this contract and any conduct of the parties within the platform. Primarily, any dispute between the parties shall be settled by mediation and/or arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 in London-UK. Any form of interpretation of this contract is in accordance with the laws mentioned above. 12.5 Force Majeure The performance of this contract may be suspended by either party to the extent and for the period that such party is prevented or delayed from fulfilling its obligations due to causes beyond its control (including but not limited to , acts of God, actions of civil or military authority, applicable sanctions, restrictions, embargo, new legislation or regulatory requirements, strikes or other labour disturbances, fires, floods, epidemics, wars or riots). 12.6. Modifications No modification, amendment, or waiver of this contract or any of its provisions shall be binding upon LegaMart unless made in writing and agreed to by LegaMart. LegaMart may amend the terms and conditions of this contract at any time in its sole discretion on the basis that LegaMart provides at least fifteen (15) days prior notice to the Service Providers through email or publish the amendment brief on the website. If the Service Provider does not agree to such amendments, it may terminate this contract immediately upon deleting their account. The Service Provider's continued use of the Services or the site following such fifteen (15) day notice period shall be deemed to be the Service Provider's acceptance of such amendments. 12.7. Severability If any part of this contract becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such provision will be deemed to be deleted. However, the validity and enforceability of the remaining parts of this contract will not in any way be affected or impaired, and this contract will be enforceable as modified. 12.8. Entire Contract Unless otherwise specified herein, this contract and the policies given in the site, the Service Provider Code of Conduct constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements, whether written or oral, between the parties. 12.9 Relationship of Parties Neither party will represent that it has any authority to assume or create any obligation, express or implied, on behalf of the other party or represent the other party as agent, and, or in any additional capacity. Any employee (including secretary), servant, subcontractor, or agent of a party shall remain at all times under the exclusive direction and control of that party and shall not be deemed to be an employee, servant, subcontractor, or agent of another party. 12.10. Remedies Cumulative Unless expressly stated otherwise, no remedy afforded to a party under this contract shall preclude other remedies available under the Law of England&Wales and English Common Law of Equity. Furthermore, the remedies afforded to the parties in this contract are not intended to be exclusive, and each treatment shall be cumulative. Terms & Conditions for Advocacy Service By definition, LegaMart’s platform is a global one and our applicants have the right to access experienced, credible, and trustworthy litigators across different jurisdictions. LegaMart’s legal service providers will represent your needs in the best possible manner in various areas of law. Based upon your preferences and requirements, you will be connected to suitable lawyers that will assist your case in courts or during the determination in any of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR).You can be confident that your legal service provider will be present and representing you with the utmost care. Our legal professionals will also take care of case filing, memorandums, and court litigation. Our lawyers share a deep knowledge of their practice area, and can efficiently and effectively assess risk and identify winning arguments. There is no doubt that our lawyers are in line with your objectives and desired outcomes and will make sure that all is done in achieving the best results. Advocacy costs are dependent upon the legal service provider, ranging from hourly to a fixed-cost per case. The Terms & Conditions of the advocacy service are mostly the same as The Terms & Conditions of the Advisory Service. The only difference is in the payment term; 1.Payment 1.1.The advocacy fees will be calculated case by case based on negotiations between the lawyer and the service seeker. 1.2.Based on the nature of this service, it might be mentioned in some advocacy contracts that the payments are not fixed since things may happen during the procedure. 1.3. The payment procedure would be the same; meaning, LegaMart will deduct the 18.5% Service Fees and transfer the rest of it to the lawyer’s mentioned bank account. Terms & Conditions for “Online Meeting/Quick Meeting” Service Our legal consultancy services include legal audits and due diligence facilities which allow you to operate in a sound legal way with the minimization of potential legal disputes. We also are able to offer a personalized online/Quick meeting upon a specific demand. LegaMart’s service providers extend across the legal sector and offer honest, accurate, and integrated legalservices that will help you in identifying potential disputes before they transition to an open conflict. We are by your side to manage risk, and to help you in the implementation of worthy solutions and strategies. It is our priority to help you avoid costly and time-consuming legal escalations. Advisory and Consultation services will be charged on an hourly basis. We strive to provide services to you in accordance with the specifications and timelines stated for each product or service purchased from LegaMart. If you fail to attend a scheduled online legal consultation for which you have already paid, the refund policy will be determined by thethis terms and conditions. If we are unable to provide you with the service or product you purchased, you are entitled to a full refund subject to the following conditions: A refund will be considered only in the event of a clear and visible technical deficiency with the product or service. If you request a refund solely because of a change of mind, it will not be considered. Refund requests will not be entertained after the work has been delivered to you due to a change of mind. However, you, after the determination of the situation by the client support team, may use the paid amount for an alternative service in LegaMart amounting to the same value. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of purchase and before the work is completed. If you cancel a consultation up to four hours before the scheduled time, you are eligible for a full refund. If you do not show up for a scheduled consultation without providing notice, you will not be eligible for a refund. If you are unable to attend a consultation due to technical issues, you may reschedule within 24 hours. If rescheduling is not possible, a partial refund or credit towards future consultations may be offered. If the expert or attorney is unable to attend the consultation due to technical issues or unforeseen circumstances, the consultation will be rescheduled and a full refund will be offered if you are unable to attend the rescheduled consultation. If the expert or lawyer misses the scheduled consultation without notice, you are entitled to a full refund. Note: It is recommended that you review the specific service provider's terms and conditions before scheduling a consultation, as the refund policy may vary. If LegaMart approves your refund request, you will be notified via email. The refund process may take up to 15 business days and will be credited to your bank account. We will handle the refund process carefully and ensure that you receive a prompt refund. Terms & Conditions for “Case Review” Service Our clients are the focus of our work ethics. Acknowledging your values and aligning it with your requirements and needs is our goal. It is our objective to find the most suitable and efficient solution to assist you in your challenges and inquiries. In case an opportunity arises, our service providers are also available to offer you guidance. Our experienced paralegals/lawyers are familiar with legal processes and are knowledgeable in drafting some particular legal documents and pleadings. In this category of services we also offer contract drafting, review, and modification. Each Case Review will be assessed and charged per document page on a one submission, one answer basis. This contract contains the following terms and conditions; a) LegaMart’s Paralegal, (hereinafter is called 'Service provider', we) b) Applicant (hereinafter is called 'Client' or, you') c) LegaMart Platform (hereinafter is referred to as 'Site') This agreement is based upon You, as the 'Service Provider', and We as 'LegaMart'. Please read the following points carefully and proceed on to the next step of your service request. 1.Service Within this service the service providers help clients by giving them advice on how to proceed with their case, drafting legal documents and pleadings. 2.Service Provider Responsibilities 2.1 contacting The service providers might regularly contact clients via email, the site’s support system, video call and voice call and be sure clients are getting the best possible service. 3.Responsibilities The service providers in this service are paralegals or licenced lawyers who are hired by Legamart on case basis. Their level of service is limited to non-licenced lawyers or lawyers accordingly and it is advisable to get further advice from licenced lawyers. They are not your lawyers and there is no any lawyer-client privilege between Applicants and Service Providers. 4. Payment 4.1.The payments are based on fixed prices mentioned on the Site for one service. 4.2. There would be a possibility for additional charges if the client would like to get a further review or second opinion. 4.3. The service would be delivered once the client support team uploads the result to the platform. 5. The client and lawyer cannot communicate directly out of platform and any new or further instruction should be managed by LegaMart. 6The applicant could not bring further documents, explanations after the submission and any new document or explanation is construed as a new request and should be submitted as a fresh case (with the elated payment) Terms & Conditions for “Fixed-Priced” Legal Packages Service This Fixed-Price Packages for Company Registration General Terms (hereinafter: the Agreement) is made on the [date] between Legal Market Solutions Ltd (hereinafter: LegaMart) and Mr/Ms. as Company Registration Service Provider (hereinafter: Service Provider) [proof of address & at least one identification document should be addressed]. The area covered by this Agreement is the jurisdiction of [Country]. 1. Terms Definition Fixed-Price Packages for [The purpose] is a service provided by LegaMart to its clients, through which they can incorporate their company in [Country]. LegaMart introduces the clients to the Service Provider under the Terms and Conditions set below. [details of the service may be given] A Client is any legal or natural person who wants to [obtain the service] through LegaMart’s service. 2. Scope of Work Fixed-Price Packages for [the purpose], depends on the Clients request, may consist of: [examples from company registration service] Formation and registration of a company; Opening bank account; Obtaining a Tax ID for shareholders; Appointment of an accountant; Preparation of the articles of association; Carrying out the application process through …; Being present during the tax inspection made by the tax offices; Application for the registration of the company to the Trade Registry Directorate Preparation of the signature circular (incumbency certificate) of the company. 3. Compensation The total cost of Fixed-Price Packages for registration of all forms of companies is [....], in which [...] shall be paid to the Service Provider to compensate his costs. The rest of [equal to 18.5%] belongs to LegaMart as its fees. The total cost of Fixed-Price Packages for the other extra services will be subject to further agreements. The client cannot apply for a refund unless with the prior consent of the Service Provider. Before wiring the Service Provider’s share, as it is mentioned in S.3 A, the Service Provider will issue an invoice to LegaMart addressing the amount mentioned above. LegaMart shall wire the Service Provider invoices, within two (2) weeks from the date of any or each settlement according to LegaMart’s general terms as it is reflected on the terms and conditions (https://legamart.com/terms-and-conditions) to the Service Provider’s bank account: Account Name: Account type: Account number: Bank: Swift (IBAN) Code: Bank Address: Service Provider shall receive any payment in any currency in connection with this agreement (except any payment from the LegaMart side) only through the LegaMart’s platform. The transfer will be done through Wise, and therefore the Service Provider could apply for a direct contact through there. If the Service Provider introduces their local bank account, any related cost of exchange or transfer will be with them. 4. Validity This Agreement is valid from the date of acknowledgement from LegaMart for a period of 3 months (hereinafter: the Period). There will be a chance to extend it, upon the conditions set in the Agreement (including reaching a later agreement), or be withdrawn, if one or more provisions set in the Agreement is not reached. This Agreement is valid unless any breach happens or upon any termination request. By two weeks before the end of the Period, any extension in time will be negotiated. If a party wishes not to extend the Agreement, it will be communicated through a notice. However, the notice should not be communicated later than one month before the end of the Period. 5. Non-Disclosure Any data belonging to LegaMart, including but not limited to databases relating to the lawyers and clients, business assets, such as business model, contracts and partners, development plans and programmes, marketing and recruiting methods, payments, etc., is LegaMart’s Intellectual Property and is protected under provisions of the Agreement. Any breach of this provision shall result in termination of this Agreement. Any damage or loss as a result of disclosure or leakage of protected data shall be subject to full and due compensation. 6. Obligations A) Service Provider i. The Service Provider undertakes compliance with the professional standards of legal services in his/her activities relating to LegaMart, as it is mandatory by the applicable code of conduct by local authorities, as well as LegaMart's policies and interests. ii. The Service Provider undertakes to be transparent to LegaMart in his/her activities relating to LegaMart. iii. Service Provider is expected to provide services as agreed and listed in the packages with the price agreed and listed. Service Provider undertakes to impose no more additional or hidden cost to clients. iv. The Service Provider accepts and recognises that all listed services are a part of the package and therefore, the package price is valid. v. The Service Provider accepts and recognises that any extra fees required service or third party fees, such as government fees or stamp duty are not included with the packages, unless agreed otherwise, and fees should be advised clearly to the client against a piece of physical evidence in advance. Any extra fees or governmental costs are subject to the applicant’s case; therefore it can vary from person to person or from case to case. This is the responsibility of the Service Provider to advise the client in writing. Only a written confirmation from the client is valid for approval or dismissal of the process or fees. vi. The Service Provider accepts and recognises that he/she cannot unilaterally make any changes in the Fixed-Price Packages. If necessary in an unforeseen situation, it should be discussed with LegaMart first and changes can be made only with a mutual agreement in writing. vii. The Service Provider accepts and recognises that all communications and financial transactions should merely be done through the LegaMart platform. viii. The LegaMart terms and conditions (as it will be updated) shall determine the general terms between the parties, available on (https://legamart.com/). B) LegaMart i. LegaMart undertakes not to disclose the Service Provider's personal business data unless it should be done according to a valid order or a warrant issued by local courts or authorities of England. ii. LegaMart undertakes to compensate for the Service Provider's endeavours in a conventional period of time as is duly agreed upon in this Agreement. iii. LegaMart undertakes to demand clients to provide complete information to the Service Provider. iv: The Service Provider is aware and agrees that there is no liability for LegaMart for the clients’ any misrepresentation of facts or providing false information or documents during the company registration process. 7. Dispute Settlement If any dispute arises from or in connection with this Agreement, both parties will negotiate with good faith. If negotiations did not suffice to settle the matter, the dispute would be settled in LCIA with a single arbitrator who is appointed mutually by the parties. If the parties failed to appoint an arbitrator within 15 days, the Director-General of LCIA would appoint the arbitrator.. The ruling law to the Agreement and related issues is the substantive laws of England. 8. Entire Agreement This Agreement is intended as the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and negotiations related thereto. No revision or modification of this Agreement shall be effective unless in writing and executed by an authorised representative of both parties. Privacy Policy LegaMart's website content has been composed with research and care to offer a novel scope and LegaMart will not take responsibility for uninterrupted correctness, timeliness, and accomplishment. It is not our responsibility to monitor external activity or information outside on our platform. We do not take any responsibility for any infringement by a third party. or regulate committed infringements by a third party. LegaMart does not assume liability is not liable for content accuracy of any external link posted on our platform. We are willing to review third-party breaches on our platform and remove any infringed content relating to the breach if and when appropriate. In the event of illegal content on a linked site, it will be removed immediately if necessary. We value your concerns and strive to maintain your privacy and gain your trust. Our Privacy Policy states the order in which we keep and handle data. We care for the security and confidentiality of the personal data we collect from you. Please read this privacy policy carefully. LegaMart is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). LegaMart users will be able to operate on the platform without needing to disclose any personal information. It is only after agreeing and accepting our Privacy Policy that users will be required to provide personal information such as name and email address. LegaMart is a data controller in terms of section 6 of the DPA 2018 and handles your data accordingly. Why do we collect data? It's our goal to improve your user experience and create an authentic and personalised package for your needs. We also require data to facilitate the applicant -legal Service Provider match process. In general, we utilise your data to provide an enhanced and personalised service. What do we collect? Personal data refers to any information related to an identified or identifiable individual. We aim to connect Applicants with legal Service Providers. In order to achieve this, s, and due to this, we may collect and store the following: ● Contact information (your name, email address, phone number, and postal address); ● Business information (your occupation, job title, professional background, and qualifications - for legal Service Providers); ● Demographic information (gender, location, activities, preferences); ● Account information (any changes and updates on your account); ● Debit/ credit card numbers used for payment; ● IP address; and ● Other relevant information in association with your account. What are your rights? Your rights regarding personal data, in accordance with section 44 of the DPA 2018, are as follows: ● Right to access personal data; ● Right of rectification of personal data; ● Right of erasure of personal data; ● Right to restrict data processing. What are Cookies? Cookie identifiers are a type of 'online identifier' that function as personal data in certain circumstances. LegaMart initially considers PECR compliance while setting cookies. For certain Cookies that require legal consent, a message will appear asking for your permission before gaining access to relevant data. LegaMart is legally permitted to use your data to provide a more tailored and user-friendly journey upon granting authorisation. In the case of disapproval of Cookie usage, you will be able to access only certain aspects of the LegaMart platform. You have the option to enable or disable Cookies in your internet browser. Changes to Privacy Policy LegaMart may revise this policy from time to time or as is required by relevant laws and regulations. You will be informed of the changes by email or by posts on the LegaMart platform. The continual of your usage on the LegaMart platform dictates the agreement and understanding of the revised and stated Privacy Policy. Further information You can contact us for further information on data protection and privacy-related issues or if you believe that LegaMart has not adhered to this Privacy Policy. Using LegaMart Platform's Data We do not submit data for advertising content or promotional material. Due to this, we hereby refuse consent to the usage of any published LegaMart data. In case of violation, LegaMart reserves the right to take legal action. Legal Protection As a mediator between applicants and legal Service Providers, we ensure that submitted fees will be frozen. No transaction will be processed in the initial two weeks with LegaMart's full liability. However, it is to note that this procedure depends on the type of service and contract conducted. This policy is only extended if a service or contract time-frame duration is more than two weeks. For instance, a translation service request (delivery period of 3-10 days) does not meet reach the two-week minimum, and this offer will not be taken place. In other scenarios, a lawyer might be requested for representation days before a case, which also does not fall into our two-week minimum. ]