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A man researching about international traders

How can International Traders take Advantage of Online Legal Platforms?

From taking out clearances for international trade to signing contracts until the consignment delivery, international traders require much legal assistance. ...

A employer preparing the Acceptable Use Policy to have secured access to the employees

Acceptable Use Policy: A Detailed Guide

An acceptable use policy outlines the constraints and practices the owner of a network, service or online product establishes for ...

A team of 3 lawyers working on Boilerplate & Risk Mitigation Clauses

Boilerplate and Risk Mitigation Clauses of a Contract

Boilerplate & risk mitigation clauses are two essential types of provisions that are commonly included in contracts.

A man writing about Crypto sanctions in his laptop

Crypto Sanctions and Their Implications

Crypto sanctions are a form of economic sanction that targets cryptocurrency users to facilitate transactions between sanctioned entities or individuals.

A hotel owner with a board after getting licenses required to start a food business

Licenses required to start a food business in the UK

It is necessary to obtain licenses required to start a food business in the UK related to food business registration, ...

A man giving a webinar on Safeguard Your Online Information

Steps to Safeguard Your Online Information and Escape Password Hell

In this technological era, with easy access to information about individuals, it is imperative to safeguard your online information by ...

A visual representation of best software for law firms

Legal Technology: Top best software for law firms in 2023

Using the best software for law firms for legal research, communication, and calendar management can make all the difference for ...

for people standing with boards explaining sanction breach

Sanction breach: Everything you need to know

Table of ContentsIntroduction: Sanction breachTypes of sanctionsTrade sanctionsFinancial sanctionsTravel sanctionsArms embargoesSectoral sanctionsConsequences of sanction breachHow to prevent sanction breach?What to ...