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How much is it to trademark a name in UK

Trademark a Name in a Remarkable Way in the UK; Costs

Trademark a Name If you’re recently started a business, then you may be wondering how to legally protect your mark ...

How Copyright Can Affect Your Business

Copyright: Remarkable Effects on Your Business

Copyright is a legal term that refers to the protection of artistic creations of an original idea in some recorded ...

Benefits of trademark name in UK

Discover Benefits of Trademark Name in the UK

Trademark Name “I want to start a business in the UK, for which I have decided a name for my ...

How to Conduct Trademark Search in UK

How to Conduct a New Trademark Search in the UK

Trademark Search A trademark is a word, name, symbol, design, or combination, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the ...

Online brand registration certificate in 5 easy steps

Online Brand Registration Certificate in 5 Easy Steps

Brand Registration Certificate, How to Find it Online? Elaine's legs and head hurt. Blade, her attorney, sighs as he clasps his ...

OFAC, Its Components, and Exemptions

OFAC, Its 5 Essential Components, and Exemptions

OFAC, What is it? OFAC (The Office of Foreign Assets Control) is a department in the U.S. Treasury. It is a ...

sanctions - primary and secondary sanctions in Business and Commercial Law

Primary and Secondary Sanctions

What are Sanctions?! Sanctions are an official order, such as banning trade, that is taken against a state. This is done ...