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A turkey flag pointing on a map at a conference on corporate and securities Law in Turkey

Corporate and Securities Law in Turkey 

Corporate and securities law in Turkey was amended by Turkish commercial code no. 6102 in July 2021 aimed at integrating ...

Buildings picture in a conference on UAE New commercial companies law

UAE New Commercial Companies Law You Should Know

Table of ContentsIntroduction To The Federal Law No. 32 of 2021Key Features of the UAE New Commercial Companies LawForeign Investments/OwnershipSpecial ...

A lawyer presenting legal papers to a victim of International fraud to obtain their signature.

International Fraud: The Process and Proofs for Taking a Legal Action

International fraud is expected to reach $40.62 billion by 2027. Thus, it is crucial to know how to identify scams ...

A legamart lawyer advising a client on US Foreign Trade Regulations

What are the US Foreign Trade Regulations?

The US Congress has exclusive authority over US foreign trade regulations as per Constitution. The US, however, imposes some import ...

A petition for bankruptcy as a final step after announcement of corporate insolvency in UK

A Quick Guide on Corporate Insolvency in UK

Upon declaring corporate insolvency in UK, the company is governed by the insolvency act 1986 and the insolvency Rules 2016 ...

A Women in Legal Technology sector having a meeting with her team

Women in Legal Technology

Women in legal technology represent 13.8% of legal tech founders, a steady growth of women in legal tech sector. ...

A legamart lawyer is explaining how Cross-border insurance helps minimise the risk in international trade.

Cross-Border Insurance for International Traders: Reasons, Issues and Solutions

Cross-border insurance enables International traders to enter the global market. It protects people against financial losses when doing business overseas. ...

A legamart lawyer briefing client on Insurance contracts for small businesses

Important Tips on Insurance Contracts for Small Businesses

Insurance contracts for small businesses not only help in claiming damages, but also to obtain business loans, contracts with clients, ...