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Unpacking the powers and duties of the Office of foreign assets control

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    OFAC wields significant authority in implementing and enforcing economic and trade sanctions to safeguard national security and foreign policy interests. These rules are meant to keep the country safe and support its foreign policies. OFAC decides who or what should be under these rules, like certain people, organizations, or entire countries. They also have the power to punish those who don’t follow these rules by giving them fines or other penalties. OFAC does all this to ensure the country stays secure and everyone knows and follows the rules. Therefore, this eBook serves as a comprehensive guide to unveil the multifaceted role of OFAC, offering insights into its history, legal authority, and the mechanisms it employs to enforce economic and trade sanctions.

    The e-book focuses on the following;

    Unpacking the powers and duties of the Office of foreign assets control
    The historical roots of OFAC, from its inception to its evolution
    The Mandate of OFAC
    The scope of OFAC’s powers and responsibilities, from economic sanctions against foreign states to targeted actions against individuals and entities.
    OFAC sanctions programs, such as ‘Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs)
    Enforcement mechanisms employed by OFAC to ensure compliance.

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