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Legal Industry in Argentina

Argentina is a federal country with 24 different jurisdictions. Each one of them has its own rules governing the legal profession. Law 23.187 on the Practice of the Legal Profession applies in the City of Buenos Aires, the jurisdiction with most lawyers in the whole country.

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Legal Market Overview in Argentina

With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately US$490 billion, Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America.

Argentina has vast natural resources in energy and agriculture. Within its 2.8 million square kilometers of territory, Argentina is endowed with extraordinary fertile lands, gas and lithium reserves, and has great potential for renewable energy. It is a leading food producer with large-scale agricultural and livestock industries.  In addition, Argentina has significant opportunities in some manufacturing subsectors, and innovative services in high tech industries.

Economic activity has recovered faster than expected, with an increase of 10.4% of GDP in 2021, after a fall of 9.9% in 2020 in the context of the crisis unleashed by COVID-19. At the end of 2021, the economy was 5% above its pre-pandemic level of activity. The fiscal deficit was reduced compared to 2020, mainly because of the reduction in spending related to COVID-19 and extraordinary revenues, such as those from the tax on large fortunes, as well as higher collections from the rights of exports, in a context of rising international commodity prices. However, the fiscal deficit remains high and the monetary issue to finance the deficit contributed to accelerating the inflation rate, which as in August 2022 was 71% annual. The economy continues to show macroeconomic imbalances that limit the sustainability of economic growth.


Argentina’s general rule of law score decreased by less than 1% in 2022’s Index. At 59th place out of 140 countries and jurisdictions worldwide, South Africa’s rank deccreased by 13 in the global rank in comparison to 2019 (46).

Research shows 46% of people in the Argentina experienced a legal problem,63% of them knew where to access help and 42% resolved the problem.

The average duration of resolving the legal problem in the Argentina is 12 months and also 36% experienced a hardship.

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