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US sanctions on Russia

US Sanctions on Russia: Energy Payments and Internet Services

Introduction The United States has reiterated its commitment to sanctions against Russia for one year but said it will provide exemptions for "certain transactions." These involve Russia's energy sector and the maintenance of internet infrastructure.    How do the sanctions exemptions affect ordinary Russian citizens like ivan (our case study)? As the CEO of a Russian oil and gas company during the war, Ivan witnessed how new sanctions on Russia ruined his ...

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US sanctioned countries working conditions for us companies

Can Citizens of US Sanctioned Countries Work for US Companies?

"Most people worldwide want to work at a US-based company. But have you thought about the legal requirements of the US sanction laws? What if you belong to a US sanctioned countries? The US sanction laws impose restrictions on certain countries, which you should be aware of if you are a citizen of that particular country and want to be involved in any activity with the US". Introduction Let's take an example ...

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ofac license

Complete guide on OFAC license to US sanctioned companies

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhat are the Types of Sanctions Imposed on Companies in Iran?Who Has to Comply With OFAC Sanctions?OFAC sanctions apply to whom?What is an OFAC License?How to Apply for an OFAC License?OFAC Sanctions Programs and Country InformationWhat is the License Policy in Iran?OFAC Compliance Screening Best PracticesConclusion Introduction The OFAC is a department in the US Treasury responsible for issuing OFAC licenses. The authority is responsible for administering and enforcing economic ...

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