Ali Shokrane
posted 2 years ago
Is it true that only people who own properties in Karnataka can make an agreement of sale in Karnataka?
I am thinking of acquiring land in the state of Karnataka in India. I have no properties in Karnataka and I'm a Keralite. I was told that in order to make an agreement with the landowner, I am required to have a property in Karnataka. Is this true?
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posted 2 years ago
No, there is no such specific condition under the law wherein only Karnataka resident can buy property in Karnataka. Buying a property in India is your constitutional right guaranteed under Article 300A of the Constitution. No state can take away that right from you. Even Karnataka Government has in 2020 only, tweaked some land reforms for agricultural land, which can now be purchased by person outside the State of Karnataka. So, if the Karnataka Government restricts you, then you have a right to move to the Karnataka High Court and take appropriate directions.
posted 2 years ago
No, this is not true. If you are planning to buy farm/agricultural land, it will be subject to the local Land Reforms legislation.