9 Free Online Law Courses to Take During Covid: Make Most of a Bad Situation

legamart- free online law courses - man learning through tablet illustration

Law is a competitive and specialized profession, requiring a lifetime commitment to learning. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have 40 years in the business, keeping up to date with legal advancements is a must. Free online law courses can be a great asset to take advantage of during lock-down. If you’re a lawyer […]

Dealing with Money Laundering during COVID-19

The pandemic has affected the lives of millions. While the migrants and poverty-stricken are finding ways to make ends meet, perpetrators are taking advantage of the situation. Cybercrimes and money laundering are on the rise due to COVID-19. On one end of the spectrum, money laundering issues might not be a priority in this plague. […]

TRUST IN BANKS: A Core Requirement?

The banking sector is mostly dominated by decent people who look for an honest living. However, there is no doubt in stating that the world would have been a better place in the last 3 decades without excessive risk-taking, frauds and poor judgment on part of banking institutions. It is also important to note that […]

Bank Account Closure is a Discriminatory Act

A lawyer considers bank account closure as a discriminatory act!

 Bank Account Closure Is Never Pleasant! A bank account closure for an immigrant worker, businessman, or student is never pleasant or welcoming! In fact, economic sanctions are more than executive orders and news. They can be considered the governments’ modern weapons. Clearly, average people are affected and targeted by sanctions on a day-to-day basis. Many […]

Iran & Coronavirus: Swiss Humanitarian Relief

How is Iran facing coronavirus?

The toll of sanctions on Iran significantly put a negative effect not only on the economy but the wellbeing of citizens. The sanctions decreased the standards in nutrition and medicine. Due to the shipping embargo, international companies have no way of selling their goods to Iran, and even if they did, banking limitations make it […]