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Where to Get Free Online Legal Advice From: LegaMart’s 100% Free Online Legal Community

Professional Lawyers, Free Advice: Community Space Innovations

The Pros of Using a Legal Community as a Prospective Client

What are the benefits of having a legal community?

We all know the costly expenses that a legal consult accompanies. In fact, many individuals decide to opt out of receiving legal aid specifically due to this very reason. That’s what makes the need for a free online legal advice platform bolder than ever. As much as various platforms have promoted spaces for legal inquiry and exchange, it is usually not of help for an individual in need. We’ve all come across a time when we’ve asked a legal question on a community platform, and in the end, we’ve all been left back at square one. The good news is, LegaMart ™ Community has created a community that actually works!

You Might Ask, How Does This Space Differ from Other Legal Community Platforms?

How legamart is different from other legal community platforms?

First and foremost, other online legal advice platforms are made inaccessible to prospective clients and are provided only for legal professionals. In the rare event that an inquirer can ask a question, he or she is faced with a generic answer. LegaMart ™ Community has taken an innovative turn and crafted a platform for the free exchange of legal questions between individuals seeking advice and its vetted professional lawyers.

In this manner, any individual can access LegaMart’s free legal advice on the Community page and ask away! Another distinctive factor about this platform is that you’re speaking with authentic, experienced, and knowledgeable lawyers. The advice or answer that an individual receives on LegaMart’s online legal advice community is perhaps no different than one given in a legal office. Yet, the slight difference is that it’s for free!

Alternatively,  a community space, such as LegaMart ™ Community, is a great resource for viewing similar questions posed by other users. After all, there is no harm in gaining valuable legal information and advice. Anonymity is another important feature of LegaMart ™ Community, which has set the perfect measures for individuals to ask questions without their identity being exposed. Consider it as a legal advice helpline, where you can access a pool of trustworthy and precise lawyers without giving anything away. 

Now, most of us encounter trust issues while working or hiring lawyers online. Imagine, getting a glimpse of a legal professional for a brief and free legal counsel on a community platform. Thus, whether you are interested in posing a question about employment law or looking for free divorce legal advice it’s all made available on this community space.

Whereas a community user’s identity is concealed and remained hidden for privacy issues, a lawyer’s name is made visible for the mere establishment of a bond and acquaintance. You’ll know who’s giving you advice and you’ll even be able to get a glimpse of his or her legal specialty! This is a great opportunity to get to know a lawyer previous to making a decision to hire them on a case.  

In fact, due to the vast available resources by search engines, it is crucial to allow for a meeting space between lawyers and clients before a hiring procedure actually takes place.  In this sense, you are the one selecting the lawyer that best fits you, not the other way around! A recent study showed that “84% of study participants said they would want to talk to at least 3 law firms before deciding on which one to hire.” Decision-making is not instantaneous and the same study stated that “78% of people will take more than a day doing research.” Research is one thing, but gaining an actual acquaintance and familiarity with a lawyer is another. 

So, What Can Be Made Out of an Online Legal Community Platform That Works between Lawyers and Clients?

Ultimately, it’s a legal utopia hub! To make it clear and simple, a legal community space such as LegaMart ™ Community can provide the following for prospective clients or those simply looking for free legal aid:

  • Q&A between community user and vetted lawyer
  • Authentic advice from genuine legal professionals
  • Access to a pool of legal Q&A
  • Ability to familiarize oneself with a lawyer before hiring
  • Cost-free
  • Anonymity

Thus, there’s no need to spend time wandering on search engines for legal advice online. With LegaMart™’s advancements in legal-tech and innovative outlooks, questions can be posed and answered directly on its Community. What more could be needed, authentic lawyers and free advice, shall I say more?

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