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Working remote from home
Hello, i am Livia 29 y old from Romania nice to meet you! I worked in Netherlands in a warehouse as order picker, packer and 3 months in production andives. Now i stoped work and i live with my boyfriend and some people in Tilburg. My boyfriend is in the rent contract of house but me no, because i just arrived here. He has a room so i stay few days here to see if i find other job. I would like to ask if i want try something new, to work as independent online cam model from home when my boyfriend is at his job, how can i be legal in Netherlands and pay taxes? As i read on the internet the money from the online sites i should receive on a different account and card, not a Dutch one. I think i can print the proofs and other things to show to Gemente. What can i do to dont have problems with Gemente and be legal with all this job? Can i only work like this without ZZP or B.V but i want pay taxes, healthy insurance, pension etc.. Please send me a reply on my email. Thank you very much!
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