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What to keep in mind while filling up TM 9 Application Form for Permanent Residence in Thailand?
Your TM 9 application form is incomplete without the complete set of documents required with the form. a. All the details that you provide in the form must have documented proof. b. All documents that you submit with the TM 9 form in Thailand must be issued not more than 3 months earlier than your date of application for the PR. c. Documents that you submit must have a translated Thai copy with it along with notarization. d. Primarily, you must be able to produce the following documents along with your TM 9 application form – - A medical certificate issued by a hospital in the 3 months prior to the application date. - Proof of no criminal record from your home country and certified by your embassy. If your country has criminal record checks with and without fingerprints, you’ll probably need the one with a fingerprint check. - Maps in the Thai language of your place of residence and work. - Photographs of the exterior and interior of your home and workplace. - Copies of annual personal income tax forms with receipts for the previous 3 years. - Copy of each month’s personal income tax forms with receipts (PND 1) from January of the year of application until the month before applying. - Copy of Value Added Tax (VAT) registration of the company. - List of company shareholders. - Company balance sheets and income tax with receipts (PND 50) for the previous 3 years. - Copy of passport showing 3 years of travel history to Thailand. - Copy of work permit. - Personal Information sheet and the applicant’s portfolio, which includes detailed information about family background, knowledge and ability, working experience, special ability, social work, workplace, and residence together with a photo. It is highly recommended that you consult an Immigration Law Firm to guide you throughout the process of acquiring permanent residence in Thailand.
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