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posted 4 years ago
What Can I Do If I Have A Legal Dispute With My Business Partner In Germany ?
My Partner battling for control of the company and trying to force me out , More over he is trying for employees who depend upon the business to make a living.
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posted 3 years ago
First of all, we have to know what type of company you have; whether having a shareholder agreement or not. Secondly, If one partner is trying to force another partner out, they will have to follow procedures outlined in the partnership agreement to do so. In the absence of such an agreement, partners must nonetheless comply with state and federal laws when dissolving their partnership.German stock corporation act September 1968 section 278 (1) The partnership limited by shares is a company which constitutes a separate legal entity, in which at least one partner has unlimited liability with regard to the creditors of the company (general partner) and the other shareholders are not personally liable for the obligations of the company (limited shareholders) participate in the share capital. (2) The legal relations of the general partners among themselves and with respect to the body of limited shareholders and to third parties, in particular the authority of the general partners to manage the business and represent the company, shall be governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code regarding limited partnerships.