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What are the priorities/rules for pedestrian crossings without lights?
On Euston Road in London, UK, there are several pedestrian crossings marked with no pedestrian lights or any other signs such as pelican, puffin, toucan, etc., as provided for in the Highway Code. In my point of view, that means that the pedestrians must follow the main traffic lights, ie. green, which means priority for the main road and pedestrian crossings, whereas vehicles turning off the main road should give way to pedestrians. There are also some places where no lights are really visible for the pedestrians crossing, but the drivers seem to think they have priority. Those cases may be examples of poorly designed junctions, but in either case, does anybody know what are the rules there? In another example, the crosswalk is marked with small white squares but there are no dedicated pedestrian signals. If the lights for Ossulston are red, who has priority? Pedestrians or cars/lorries turning from Euston into Ossulston?
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