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Water leakage led to mod

I'm sending this request to find a lawyer with Real Estate practice area on property management. I am writing to seek your professional legal expertise regarding an ongoing issue within the property. The flat above mine has experienced water leakage since August, leading to the formation of mold. Despite my efforts to address the matter promptly, the Hausverwaltung's response has been slow. On October 12th, the mold in our flat was removed, and a dryer was installed. Regrettably, the mold issue persists, and the tenants are now pursuing legal action against me. Although the extent of the mold is not substantial, the tenants are claiming health hazards, even resorting to laboratory tests to ascertain if their respiratory issues are a direct result of the mold. I kindly request information on your fees and a brief overview of how you can assist in resolving this matter.

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