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Us visa
Hello, I'm writing regarding immigration to the US. I'm a doctor in Algeria hoping to continue a future in the US on a J1 or H1B Visa And ultimately immigrate there. My question is about the criminal record/convictions that might disqualify me from receiving these visas/green cards. I was once arrested/detained for selling card lights (blue-red) that resemble police lights but don't make any sound. When I was taken to the police station they found sexual objects excuse the term (dildo) in my car and they assumed that I was selling it too. I was questioned for 30/40 mins, got my fingerprints taken then I was released on the same day without passing no time in a cell or jail. The end result was fine that I had to pay and nothing shows on my criminal record. I would like to know if this would disqualify me from pursuing a future in the US as a doctor and receiving a green card eventually (since they ask about arrests in DS-160) Thanks for giving me an opportunity to ask this question.
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posted 2 years ago
The Immigration laws of US will be applicable and hence any waivers may be sanctioned provided the Visa issuing authority satisfies with you may be executing a Indemnity