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unfairly dismissed.
I was unfairly dismissed and citizens advice told me I can't dispute it or get advice as I haven't worked there 2 years or more. I have worked for them 11 months and 3 weeks. They told me I have an attitude and don't get on with the team. I worked in a high pressure call centre environment working extremely hard helping colleagues only the accusations are false. They are deducting the only half day sick taken recently as statuary sick pay is only valid after day 4? I worked a months overtime last year working 9 hours without a break. When working my lunch for the last 2 weeks for half days given over Christmas, I was taken aside for meagre issues and told them if they can appreciate what it is like taking call after call after call without a break. They said by law I should have 20minutes break but I would have to make up the time. I wanted to finish the overtime worked and not make up more time, I asked why this couldn't come from the 7.5 I work and not the 1 hour lunch?
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