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posted 2 years ago
Turkey immigration
How much investment required for turkey immigration?
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posted 2 years ago
Purchasing an immovable with an amount of 500 thousand US Dollars or more and making an annotation stating that this immovable will not be sold for 3 years from the title deed registry. In exchange for 400 thousand US dollars, other foreign currency or TL will be valid. 400 thousand USD is the minimum amount. (In the previous regulation, this amount was 250 thousand USD, but now it has been increased to 400 thousand dollars. The regulation was accepted on 13 May 2022 and is effective as of 13 June 2022.) A capital investment of $500,000 or more. It doesn't necessarily have to be dollars. Foreign currency or TL is considered valid against 500 thousand dollars. 500 thousand dollars is the minimum amount. More information, mail us. Lawyer Ozan SOYLU [email protected]