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posted 2 months ago
travel documents for my partner's child

My husband and I are relocating to UAE soon next month. My husband's son is coming with us and he was just granted an agreement of custody and other legal written mandates by the child's biological mother. We are also taking with us a travel permit signed by both parents. I am interested in knowing if these are enough documents for the child to travel with us and live with us permanently. I would like to know which other documents will be required of my husband to enter the country in the immigration office. Thank you.

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posted 2 months ago
Dear questioner .... To assist you with your inquiry, it's crucial to ensure all necessary travel documents are in order for your husband's son to relocate with you to the UAE. Have you verified the specific entry requirements for minors in the UAE? Additionally, we are ready to help you with expert guidance regarding the custody agreement and travel permits, especially given the circumstances involving guardianship. Please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +971507024908 or give us a call for further assistance. We're here to support you in navigating the legal aspects of your relocation smoothly. Best regards, Ali Al Kasair