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Transformative Art IP rights
Hello, I am looking for some legal advice to help me understand more about fair use, transformative art and intellectual property. I have a book ready to be published but before I do anything I need to be sure if I can, since the story is built in a world that is someone else’s Intellectual Property. In talks with the publisher I decided that I prefer to give part of the rights and profit to the IP owner rather than to be sued later on. But I need to know my options very well before I take any action, I fear if I reach out, I could end up losing the characters and the story I created to the Original IP owners, after all, they probably a big international company and I'm just an indie writer. The publisher is convinced the book can be very successful, but if it will cause me too much trouble I rather bury the story than just be buried myself in lawsuits. I am looking for someone who can help me decide what to do.
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