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posted 3 years ago
Transferring car titles between states
I recently moved to Virginia from Ohio. I own a car right now, however, my mom has the title, and she lives in Ohio. We are trying to transfer the title to me, with the least amount of fees. I've found this form, which would appear to tell me I can transfer the car between mother to son without any taxes. However, I cannot find any equivalent form in Ohio and I don't know how I can transfer the vehicle at all. Here is one potential solution: Could my mom sell the vehicle to me out of state using the instruction on the Ohio DMV (I would post the link here, however, "You need at least 10 reputations to post more than 2 links)? However, if I do, don't I need to prove that I paid taxes on it while in Virginia? If so, how complicated is that process? To summarize my question is: How can I obtain the vehicle from my mom while paying the least amount of state taxes/fees, under the time constraint of about a week?
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