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posted a year ago
TramTrainBus ticket control
Is there any legal base to control a Tram/Train/Bus ticket outside vehicle? ( platform, bus stand) during ticket control at the tram stop, controllers are usually standing at the exit of the platform ( not in the tram) and forcing people to show tickets, otherwise they will not let them out ( always bulky lads are at the exits). Same thing at the train stations, but never at the bus stops. Logic says, that when i buy tram ticket, it can be checked on board only. Once I step out, no one should be asking. Is there any law that requires me, as a passenger, to show ticket outside vehicle? Thank you in advance
  • United Kingdom
  • Public Law

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posted a year ago
While I am not a lawyer in the UK I can give a bit of general information that may be pertinent to the situation. Many bus or train stations are considered to be private property (Either of the private corporation or the quasi-public entity that runs tranportation in a jurisdiction). Thus though outside the bus you are still on the private property of the entity that runs the bus. Law thus would say that they have every right to control the persons whom they give license to be on their property and/or using their services. Of course - for a fuller answer you need a UK lawyer to chime in, although I suspect it will be something similar to the above.