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posted 2 years ago
Can you sue for duress?
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posted 2 years ago
"In a general sense, duress is a legal defense in which the defendant argues that they were forced to commit a crime because of fear of harm or death. To be successful, the defendant must show that they had no reasonable alternative but to break the law. Duress is a tough defense to prove, and it's typically only successful in cases where there was an immediate threat of violence or death. Also, the danger must have been so great that the defendant reasonably believed that they had no other choice but to commit the crime. Some courts have also ruled that economic duress can be used as a legal defense, but this is still a relatively new area of law and has not been tested in many cases."
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posted 2 years ago
Yes. There are many remedies available to anyone that want to allege duress. Brief me fully on the facts of your case so that I can advise you on the most suitable remedies you can avail yourself of in court!