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posted 3 years ago
Suing a company abroad
Can an international citizen sue a company in the UK? What are the procedures?
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  • Criminal Litigation

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posted 3 years ago
As per the Statute Declaration in Memorandum of the Company Cases will be filed in the specified jurisdiction of the company to resolve any issue arise.Commercial Laws, Business Laws, Companies Act,Law of Contract, Arbitration Act are applicable laws for Companies. For Foreign Companies incorporated in various countries for doing business the Registered office stated in the Certificate of incorporation will be the designated recipient of any legal notices,serving of summons and all proceedings and the Occupier of the company as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association of the company will represent the company on all legal matters. Hence all Multinational companies doing business in various countries are stating the Terms and Conditions of Settlement of any Disputes or Differences or Grievance arise in the course of sale or purchase will be resolved as per the specified manner stated in the Bill given to the customer at the time of purchase