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Social network websites limitations based on USA sanctions
Social network websites limitations based on USA sanctions I live in a country that has been blacklisted under United States sanction regulation. I've got free membership in DeviantArt.Com (A community website for sharing artworks [Photographs, painting, drawings, writings and etc. Something kind of similar to Instagram] around the world.) After the last USA presidential election, DeviantArt.Com (Abbrv. as D.A.) blocked my country's IPs to access their accounts. To be specific, my account is still there & my membership is not cancelled but I can view website's contents as a guest, only. No sign in/up is allowed & D.A. assistansts, in response to my complaining email, wrote that its due to United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction regulations. I understand what they say but what I do not understand is that why similar websites & networks (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, Pinterest and etc.) can give free membership-based services without any sanction limitations but this certain D.A. website cannot do the same?
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