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Settling in turkey as Doctor
Iam dropping this message to get some information regarding the process of getting jobs and settling in Turkey for a Doctor from Pakistan, what is the whole process and how can u help us.
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posted a year ago
Hello, we can apply some of these process for you and also give an advice. here is the process; Documents Required from Foreigners Who Have Not Graduated from Turkish Universities: Copy of the passport translated into Turkish; Photocopy of residence card; Residence (place of residence) certificate; Photocopy of the foreigner's diploma; 2 passport photos; The petition of the responsible manager requesting the Preliminary Permission Document; Application petition written by a foreign national doctor; The service contract signed between the private hospital or medical center and the foreigner; Equivalency certificate issued by the Council of Higher Education; Turkish proficiency certificate given by Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center; A letter from the Ministry of Health or foreign representatives of the country where the foreign national came from, stating that they do not have any obstacles to doing the profession. Documents Required for Foreign Doctor Work Permit In order to obtain a work permit for a foreign doctor who has obtained a preliminary permit from the Ministry of Health, the following necessary documents must be obtained. Equivalency certificate given by the Higher Education Council for physicians who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine abroad; To be successful in the Turkish proficiency exam conducted by the Turkish Education Application and Research Center (TÖMER) in at least (B) degree (This document must be submitted to the relevant Ministry within 1 year at the latest from the date of application. Otherwise, the work permit is canceled (this document is not required from Turkey graduates). ); From those who will practice their profession for the first time in Turkey, a document from the competent authority of the country they come from, stating that they do not have an obstacle to doing their profession (This document is from those who applied within 1 year after university graduation from Turkey, ; A service contract between a private hospital or health center and a foreign physician.
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Before applying to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for applications for a foreign doctor's work permit, it is necessary to obtain a preliminary permit from the Ministry of Health. Doctors who have not graduated from Turkish universities are required to have a Higher Education Council (YÖK) equivalency certificate and a Turkish Language Exam result of at least a B degree.