Deleted user
posted 8 months ago
scammed with crypto
I was scammed with crypto for a lot of money thru Coinbase Wallet and a phony Dapp I downloaded
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Deleted user
posted 6 months ago
I have a lot of info ! I have some hash id#'s that I hear can be very helpful in possibly tracking this guy down . I think he's impersonating someone that's on Facebook and this person has no idea that his identity is being used! He has me download a phony Dapp for coinbase that I transferred $500k into it and he made me think I was making money by doing trades with crypto Until it was time to cash out . He really scammed me! It's an interesting story. I did file with FBI
Deleted user
posted 6 months ago
Hiya If we can identify the people who ran this from its outset and identify a criminal act has occurred I can certainly lodge this with the authorities and look to establish who and where the scammers are located? Do you have any further info? If so please send