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posted a year ago
Rights of remote workers
I am experiencing communication problems with Long Lenses Production, a US-based company. I started working remotely for them on April 24th, but after a month, all attempts to reach them failed. Their website is I need guidance on my rights, legal options, and the best course of action from Turkey. I have documented the contract and all communication attempts. Your expertise in international or contract law would be greatly appreciated.
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posted a year ago
The problem is that it is not just about the website, I had 2 email addresses of them. I was in touch with them via one of those emails, but I stopped receiving any emails from the mentioned one for no reason and I haven't received any response from those accounts too. I tried to reach them several times. I also called them on their phone. but haven't received any responses yet. I've been working for them for 40 days. I can't belive they stopped working with me for no reason.
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posted a year ago
It is sad that you appear to have lost contact with a company for which you were working remotely. To enforce your rights as an employee, it is necessary to see your letter and/or other documents of employment. Don't be agitated or aggrieved just because the website of your employer is no longer functional. This is because, technical issues such as website glitches, may not be a good or sufficient reason to conclude that a company is no longer in operation or have absconded. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.