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posted 6 months ago
right of stay in home
Hi, I married in India februay 2023 but ddinot register the marriage. Now my husband in Uk asking me to leave home by sending legal notice. Do I have marital rights in UK now?
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posted 5 months ago
In the UK, the legal recognition of a marriage generally depends on whether it was validly conducted under the laws of the country where it took place. If your marriage in India was legally recognized and valid according to Indian law, it may also be recognized in the UK. However, it's important to note that the lack of registration may affect the ease with which you can prove your marital status in the UK. Registration of a marriage is often required to establish legal proof of marriage in many jurisdictions. Without proper documentation, it might be more challenging to assert your rights and claim benefits or protections that are typically associated with a legally registered marriage. To understand your specific situation and rights in the UK, I would prefer to do a further consultation with you. I can carry out extensive research on specific family laws and family court cases that can provide answers to your questions. However, please note that I will charge a fee to do the research.