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Restrictions of private tow companies in Arizona regarding holding the vehicle for payment
Around five years ago, my car was towed out of my parking spot in my apartment complex, Arizona, US, because I forgot to put the registration sticker on the plate. I was learned that the private tow yard couldn't hold my property for payment, or demand any billing information to bill me later unless the tow was ordered by a police officer and I only had to show them the cars registration and a valid ID with a name matching what’s on the car’s registration the manager of a company instructed her employee to release my car without billing me. A friend of mine in a similar situation said that the tow was not ordered by police. I intend to assist him, however, I'm unable to find the related provision. If this has been changed recently, then when? If not, where is it referenced? I searched for towing at, and there are quite a few results, but I haven't been able to find what I had before, and I remember it was a pain to find last time as well. could you please provide some insight in regards to the rights of the tow company and the vehicle owner? That would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
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