posted 2 years ago
Residence in Turkey
Dear Madam/Sir I am a Jordanian nation mother of 3 German nation children aged 12 , 14 , 8 We live in Jordan Please I would like to ask about the possibility of residency in Turkey My children will study in Turkish schools. Is it legal? What is a suitable visa? I am ready to legal consult wages Thanks
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posted 2 years ago
Dear Madam, it is possible to live with your children by obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. We can send you the documents required for obtaining a residence permit by e-mail. After getting a residence permit, you can enroll your children in school. This is a completely separate process and the documents required and the institutions to apply are different. Kind regards Av. Özlem Kuş
posted 2 years ago
Yes, this can be done under certain conditions. You have to make certain applications and obtain the necessary permits in Turkey. you can write to us via e-mail. Ozan SOYLU (Lawyer) [email protected]