posted 2 years ago
Rent issue
My daughter rents an apartment for 1 to 3 months only somewhere in Angeles City. It was a 2 bedrooms apartment. The agreement is 1 month advance payment and two months deposits. The owner issue a receipt with a note at the back, 1 month advance of 8 thousand pesos plus 2 month security deposits of 16 thousand pesos with total of 24 thousand pesos. Due to the nature of my daughter employment as a waiter on a cruise ship, The agency requires her that she has to be in closed contact with them to be able to render training/seminars from time to time. And that makes her decide to advise the apartment owner that she will finish the rental after 1 month and 15 days and withdraw the deposits of 16 thousand pesos. However the owner refused to give back the unconsumed 2 months deposits. Thank you for any advice you can extend to us. Sincerely yours,
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posted 2 years ago
I need additional information especially whether or not the daughter signed a contract of lease. If she did sign the contract, I must carefully read it before I render my opinion.
posted 2 years ago
The security deposit is usually intended to pay for any damage to the apartment and any unpaid utilities of the tenant after she vacates the apartment. The contract usually indicates a number of days after termination of lease that the unused security deposit is returned to the tenant. The norm is that it is usually 60 days after the tenant vacates, since the utilities bill usually is more than a month late in the Philippines.
posted 2 years ago
May I see the contract?