posted a year ago
Register marriage certificate
I would like to register marriage certificate in Turkey with my fiancée. I come from China and she comes from Tunisia. Is it available in Turkey? BTW, she is single and I have divorced for 2 years. Thank you.
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posted a year ago
Dear Sir, It is possible for foreigners who are citizens of two different countries to get married in Turkey. You need to apply to the necessary authorities and collect all the required documents. Being married and divorced before is not an obstacle, it is sufficient for both of you to be single at the time of marriage. Best Regards Av. Özlem Kuş [email protected]
posted a year ago
Yes, this can be done under certain conditions. You need to make certain applications for marriage in Turkey. We can help you about that. You can write to us via e-mail. Ozan SOYLU (Lawyer) [email protected]