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posted 2 years ago
refund money from university
I applied for a university in Hungary I paid my tuition fees but unfortunately, I had a problem I couldn't go to study there, now its been a month since I requested my reimbursement right and they are taking too long to refund my money back to me and the finance administration don't answer my emails although the international student office keep saying to me that I will receive my money.
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Deleted user
posted 2 years ago
Hi there, I am a Hungarian lawyer and if you wish, I can assist you in contacting the university and facilitating the refund for you. (Honestly, I do not understand why it takes so much time for the university to transfer your money back and why the do not answer your e-mails. They cannot seriously think that they can just keep the money if they simply ignore you.) Please feel free to contact me. You can find my availability here on my LegaMart profile. I would not charge exorbitant fees for such e-mail correspondence with the university. Kind regads Tamas