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posted a year ago
Recording a domestic abuse
Hi, I want to record my mother mentally abuses my father, but I worry she could claim that I only record the moments that she behaves badly towards my father and I don't record the moments my father behave badly towards her (which actually doesn't exist). Please help me solve this situation. Thank you
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posted a year ago
Hi, I don't know how to reply to you because I can't find the reply button. The thing is: My mother abuses my father for 30 years, there are people who have talked about it, but as their children, we were so stupid that we didn't realize until recently. Currently, only me are living with my parents and I want to prove to my 2 brothers that the abusive actions did really happen. I'm thinking about record daily conversations between my parents. As far as I know, in my country, record any one without their consent and using the recording to damage the person's reputation is illegal. Despite this, I still want to record and share it with my brothers. However, my mother can say that I only record her bad moments and don't record my father bad moments, which means what she is doing is just revenge on my father, and that she is innocent (of course, that is not the truth). How can I solve this situation? Please help. Thank you
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posted a year ago
HI, Dear Thu Huyen, Hopefully, you are doing well. Can you share more details with me?