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Rechercher un emploi ou créer une entreprise
My name is Rhea Patil and I had taken consultation on 3rd April 2023. My current situation is as follows: I'm on a "Rechercher un emploi ou créer une entreprise" (APS). Indian students get 2 years of this visa and this is my second year. I am already an auto entrepreneur at the moment and want to open my SASU company. I have already started this procedure, but the bank just told me that I can't deposit capital in the bank on this visa. The bank's name is 'Qonto'. On my visa it clearly mentions that I can open my own enterprise, so I don't understand why the bank is opposing this. Since I am already an Auto entrepreneur with a siren and social security number and have been paying my URSSAF since Aug 2022 I would also like to know what the eligibility for my visa renewal which will be is due on 5 Jan 2024. Please kindly guide me through this procedure. Thank you and looking forward to our call.
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