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Property law in Netherlands
I had a water leak in my apartment (which is part of private housing association) from water deluged from above apartment. There has been 2 leak detection reports and plumber also providing service for leak detection. However, there was a another leak detection agency hired by buildings insurance company who claims that it is my boiler/flue pipe which goes from kitchen into the common chimney breast, all the way to the roof. The boiler manufacturer has also confirmed that as it is a closed system, it is impossible for the damage occurred can be cause by a leak in the pipe. The buildings insurance’s assessor and the engineer from third party do have not accreditation to carry out such investigation. The insurance company refuses to pay out to repair damage and with all the evidence, refuses to delete/nullify the report from their 3rd party. This is only one option and that is to go to court. It has been more than 2 years and I am tired and stressed out. Now I just want to go to court to have the report deleted. Please is there a lawyer in NL who can help me get this sorted asap?
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