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problems with the property reserved from
Hello, I'm US citizen and booked a house on Bermuda for my vacation, it was paid in full. At first the host was invading my privacy; moreover, she threatened me with the police and wanted me to leave the house in the middle of the night without any reason (I didn't break any rules). I was really scared for my life because you are on an island and I didn't expect to leave the house at night. Actually she called police and thanks to police I was able to stay in this accommodation for the night. The property didn't match the listing on it wasn't clean enough, full of bugs and insects inside, even you could find them in the bed, mould was every! So, I couldn't sleep over there at all! The police advised me to book another accommodation for the rest of my stay on Bermuda to be in a safe and healthy environment. I didn't expect to spend another $2,500.00 for 3 nights but I had no choice...The host refused to return the money which I paid for her house - $1,537.00 in advance. Please advise if it's possible to file a suit in a court and get the reimbursement for everything what happened to me on Bermuda.
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