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Photography law
Hello! I was wondering in Paris, France if it's legal to take pictures with iphone or camera at the entrance of the building, where you rent a flat. The same question for the underground parking if you have a lawfull access to it, because it's a common space of the building whre the elevator is and where the trash bins are as well, so is it legal to take pictures there if you r not shooting cars or any other property of the habitants of the building.
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posted a year ago
Generally cameras for selfies are not prohibited in residential buildings unless there is a formal notice or police order or court order to that effect. If you are not sure of the rules regulating the building in which you reside, you can check the clauses in your tenancy agreements and also check for conspicuous signs in the building or environment. Cameras are veritable tools for obtaining evidence. You can go with a security agent when going to obtain evidence with a camera if you are apprehensive of attacks to your person. In the case of a formal photoshoot or selfies in a sensitive or restricted environment, you need to seek the permission of people or owners of properties that will appear in the photo or blur the background totally.