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Penal charges under contract
I am an overseas student studying in switzerland. I signed a 2 year contract with a local telecom co which included purchase of phone & mobile services. Unfortunately, after the first two payments, i did not pay & the contract was terminated after 6 months. The telecom co has referred the case to a debt collection agency & they want to initiate proceedings for recovery. The telecom co is claiming CHF4,000/- against CHF1,400/- that i owe based on actual usage in the first 6 months (including full payment for phone). I have asked them to waive, reduce or even stagger the payment but they insist on asking for the full amount. Yes, the contract that i signed does say that the telecom co has the right to charge full rental (without discounts) for the complete 2 year period. But, it is very unfair to pay for services that i have not even used. Is there any way i can get the Co to allow me to pay for actual services that i have used only?
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